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Radiators are a misunderstood product. And people are typically blissfully unaware of their potential. As a general rule-of-thumb, people consider the radiator to be an ugly product that’s sole function is to heat a room. This perhaps vague truly, but it’s a belief that undermines the aesthetic potential that a radiator can bring to any room.

Reina Radiators have thorough understanding of radiators and strongly advocate the potential of the radiator in any room, including the bathroom. This is why they design and manufacture a rich collection of designer radiators, towel racks and radiator accessories in so many colours and finishes.

Reina Radiators A Brief Brand History

Established in 2005, Reina Radiators design and manufacture radiator products to the trade. With a passion for design and an intuitive feel for craftsmanship, Reina have built a strong reputation for building high quality designer radiators, heated towel radiators as well radiator racks and other radiator accessories.

With passion for delivering a high quality product, Reina radiators design and make more radiators than any other brand. Their combination of the latest style with the most innovative function has propelled the company to the forefront of the radiator industry.

Reina Radiators are now available at Junction 2 Interiors.

Key Criteria for a Reina Radiators Are:

To establish such a threshold in the market, Reina Radiators have had to establish blueprint in which they create each every product from.

Desirability: Things that look good sell well. And no other radiator manufacturer understands this primitive concept more than Reina. This is why every Reina product has been designed and made to look as vogue and aesthetically appealing as possible.

Uniqueness: Things that are different stand out, regardless of what they are. Often customers have an affinity to products that are unique, because they are unique themselves. This is why Reina place such a heavy emphasis on creating unique radiators for their customers.

Originality: Synonymous with uniqueness, originality is a huge part of any success and Reina radiators certainly know this. All of their radiator design are original and different from their competitors, this ultimately helps the end user.

Innovation: In the world of interior design, everything is in a constant flux. Made from the best materials and featuring the best designs, Reiner Radiators implement the latest and most innovative technology into all of their radiator designs.

REINA Radiators Add Excitement to the World of Heating

What Reina radiators have managed to accomplish within the radiator industry nobody has achieved before. The company have been able to turn the heat up on what was essentially a product that was seen as boring and mundane. A Reina radiator has become something that is certainly not a normal radiator.