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Hansgrohe has established itself as one of the best quality brands for beautiful and functional bathroom taps and showers. Anyone that values excellent quality and contemporary design will love any one of Hansgrohe’s products.

Hansgrohe creates premium products that are inspired by their passion for water and it’s functional use in our bathrooms and showers at home. These products are clearly designed by people who understand the value of having a great bath or shower. A time for people to escape the real world and relax whilst submerged in water.

Hansgrohe bathroom taps and showers are designed to give customers the ultimate bathing experience in their own home with “visually and physically flattering, an emotive design that is comfortable to hold and indulges the senses”.

Each Hansgrohe Mixer tap and shower from Hansgrohe was built using their 120 years of experience and award-winning design skills. They have tested more than 12,000 taps and washbasin combinations that have helped them to guarantee that all the various components are compatible and work effortlessly together.

Hansgrohe products are the result of some of the finest German engineering in the industry and they have a unique eye for detail that helps them to develop the most innovative, beautifully designed and functional bathroom products. Not only do their products look fantastic in your home, but they are also built to stand the test of time.

Hansgrohe Bathroom Mixer Taps

Hansgrohe taps come in a huge variety of designs and sizes. They are also award-winning providing you with the ultimate bathroom tap experience. All the bathroom tap concepts from Hansgrohe were created from the well-renowned design studio, Phoenix Design which has gone on to win multiple awards for their work.

Hansgrohe Bathroom Taps

The styles on offer are all sleek, beautiful and innovative which help boost the aesthetic design of your bathroom interior. There are various colours to choose from that will help you fit them into your specific bathroom design.

If you are looking for modern bathroom tap designs and prefer clean, sleek and innovative concepts then look no further than Hansgrohe’s Modern Style range. If you fancy something more classy, the range PuraVida offers unbeatable sculptural design with flowing curves. Perfect for anyone wanting to make a statement in their bathroom design. Alternatively, if you fancy a more traditional design of bathroom taps you can opt for the Classic range which incorporates stylish curves with splashes of gold.

Hansgrohe also offers fantastic built-in smart technology to further improve your experience. The EcoSmart, Select, AirPower, QuickClean, ComfortZone and CoolStart smart technologies from Hansgrohe aim to make your water experience superior.

EcoSmart helps reduce the amount of water and energy needed. Select allows you to control your water at the simple touch of a button. AirPower helps mix up the water pressure for a luxury shower massage. QuickClean helps rub away limescale much easier saving you time and energy cleaning . ComfortZone allows for more space between the spout and wash basin giving you extra elbow room. CoolStart helps to conserve hot water, only supplying it when it’s really needed.

Take advantage of the high-quality surface finishes available such as chrome or white/chrome. Hansgrohe taps are noiseless, boast ceramic cartridges and have ultra-flexible connection hoses helping to protect from any water damage.

Hansgrohe Showers

Hansgrohe showers are innovative and designed to help you fulfil your unique showering needs. You can select from a number of different models including hand and overhead showers.

You can choose between a wide variety of Hansgrohe’s award-winning designs. All are beautifully designed, produced using innovative technologies and some of the highest quality standard of showers on the market.

Your shower is one of the most important aspects of your home providing you with a space to relax, cleanse and shut off after a busy day. All of this is considered by Hansgrohe in their unique shower designs.

Hansgrohe shower heads can douse, refresh and massage you offering a superior shower experience. The installation of Hansgrohe products is relatively simple and can be used in most applications.

Showers from Hansgrohe are also better for the environment using far less water than traditional showers. The special EcoSmart technology can reduce water consumption to 6 l/min. AirPower offers big, soft droplets that give you a sensual and relaxing shower experience. Select can conveniently move through a range of 16 jet types at the touch of a button so you can find your ultimate shower experience.

Basin and Bath Taps

When you’re installing a new bathroom or replacing your fixtures, you’ll want to ensure you choose the best quality fittings. When you choose the highest quality basin, taps and accessories, you can be sure they will function more effectively and stand the test of time.

As well as enhancing functionality, high-quality bathroom fittings will help to keep your family safe. When you’re running hot water from your basin taps, shower or bath filler, you’ll want to ensure you have complete control over the temperature.

With Hansgrohe, you can be confident that you’re getting the highest quality engineering. Expertly designed and crafted, Hansgrohe bathroom taps offer exceptional functionality. Giving you the confidence and safety you need in a bathroom environment, Hansgrohe basin taps or a Hansgrohe bath filler enhances any home.

Supreme Quality, Elegant Design

Whether you select Hansgrohe Logis taps for your new bathroom, a Hansgrohe Focus bath mixer for easy filling or a Hansgrohe puravida luxury hand shower, you’ll benefit from the supreme quality and timeless designs associated with the brand.

Known for their commitment to innovative design, the Hansgrohe ranges will compliment any style of bathroom. From the sleek design of Hansgrohe Talis to the contemporary feel of Hansgrohe Exafill, you can enhance your décor with top quality fixtures, fittings and accessories.

When you’re designing a new bathroom, it’s important to get it right. As well as functional, you’ll want your bathroom to be a place of relaxation and tranquillity. Whether you’re soaking tired muscles in the tub or re-energising under the soft sensation of PowderRain, Hansgrohe always delivers.

Advanced technology, Creative innovations

Already offering the finest quality and the most attractive designs, Hansgrohe doesn’t stop there. With a commitment to innovation, you’ll find that Hansgrohe bath taps, mixers, fillers, showers and basin taps use the latest technology too.

Innovative inhouse designers collaborate to create the most inventive products on the market. From concealed installation options to custom rain modes, Hansgrohe accessories give you everything you need and more. When you’re designing your bathroom or choosing accessories, seamless functionality should be guaranteed. Of course, not all brands place the same emphasis on quality. If you want to ensure your bathroom is a calm and stress-free environment, you’ll need the best quality fittings to complement your basins, bath and showers.

Fortunately, Hansgrohe makes it easy for you to combine exquisite design with effortless power in the bathroom. As well as incorporating eco-friendly energy-saving features into their bathroom products, Hansgrohe delivers maximum power too. When you want to refresh under a powerful burst of water or fill your bathtub in minutes, you can rely on Hansgrohe’s innovative accessories to meet your needs. You will be using your taps, sinks, shower and bathroom on a daily basis, so why not opt for the best quality? Whether you’re eager to enhance your basins with a Hansgrohe sink tap or want to make the most of a state of the art Hansgrohe bath filler, we’ve got everything you need.

Shower Valves & Shower Parts

From a revitalising burst in the morning to a relaxing steam in the evening, your shower is an integral part of your day. When you’re choosing your shower system, fixtures and accessories, you’ll want to ensure you choose the highest quality. With a Hansgrohe shower head, you can enhance the functionality of your bathroom and turn it into a luxurious space.

Hansgrohe Rainmaker

The quality of Hansgrohe fixtures and fittings is clear from the outset but you’ll be in no doubt when you first step under the Hansgrohe Raindance shower head. Using the latest technology, Hansgrohe Raindance showers use aeration to deliver the perfect spray setting.

With an endless selection of styles, you’ll find Raindance functionality in a range of designs and fixtures. For added luxury, why not incorporate a Hansgrohe concealed shower in your new bathroom. Offering minimalistic design, you can integrate a concealed overhead shower with a complete Hansgrohe shower system. Choose an elegant shower pipe and Hansgrohe hand shower to give you complete functionality and control.

When you select Hansgrohe Raindance shower parts, you’ll have the choice of a number of settings. Full powered Rain is ideal for rinses suds out of your hair and giving you the powerful jets you dream of, while RainAir is perfect for a softer feel and a more relaxing shower. With the WhirlAir setting, you can enjoy the unmistakable sensations of a massage spray and enliven your senses.

Shower Heads , Hoses and Rails

While a Hansgrohe thermostatic shower will keep you water temperature premixed and consistent, a Hansgrohe shower arm, head and pipe will ensure you can make the most of your luxury bathroom. Delivering maximum power, you can adjust the settings easily to create your own bespoke sprays.

Of course, the functionality of your shower is imperative, which is why every part must be built to the highest quality. If you want to ensure your shower system delivers enhanced power and saves water at the same time, add Hansgrohe mixer valves, hoses and rails. With a complete Hansgrohe shower system, you can be sure you’re getting the best quality throughout.

One Shower, Multiple Jets

When you add a Hansgrohe Croma or Hansgrohe Crometta shower to your home, you aren’t getting just one shower. With numerous variations, you can choose from multiple jet options. From SoftRain and Massage to IntenseRain and TurboRain, there is a spray to suit every mood.

What’s more, Hansgrohe’s commitment to producing environmentally friendly shower parts shines through with their Croma range. Featuring the latest technologies and water-saving innovations, you can relax in a luxurious Hansgrohe shower system without worrying about your water consumption. In fact, the EcoSmart range of Hansgrohe Croma showers ensures minimal water flow. With sustainability at the forefront of its design, the Hansgrohe EcoSmart range gives you peace of mind and undiluted luxury.

Find Your Hansgrohe Shower System Now

With a number of exquisite ranges, multiple variants and innovative solutions, Hansgrohe has the right shower system for you. Take a look at the range of Hansgrohe shower parts, mixers, arms and systems and plan your new bathroom today.

Quality Bathroom Accessories

Whether you’re renovating a new property, refitting your existing bathroom or simply updating its design, you’ll want to ensure you incorporate elegant bathroom accessories. Used to enhance the functionality of your bathrooms and complete your custom design, bathroom accessories from Hansgrohe are the finishing touches you’ve always dreamed of.

The Hansgrohe creative team work tirelessly to deliver unparalleled designs and these shine through in their range of bathroom accessories. Make your bathroom your own with a Hansgrohe robe hook, towel rail or shower shelves. When you add Hansgrohe bathroom accessories, you can ensure your bathroom meets your needs.

With variable placement options, you can add Hansgrohe shower accessories and a Hansgrohe shower rail wherever you choose. With accessories to improve functionality and enhance your bathroom style, these fixtures ensure your chosen design theme is present in every aspect of the room.

From a Hansgrohe toilet roll holder and Hansgrohe soap dish to complete shower systems and hand showers, you can add a sense of decadence to every element. Whether you favour a modern, classic or avant-garde style for your bathroom, a Hansgrohe soap dispenser, towel rail, robe hook and Hansgrohe toilet brush holder will complete the look.

Accessorise Your Bathroom with Hansgrohe

When you’re choosing a new bathroom, you probably put a considerable amount of thought into designing the room. From the layout and fixtures to the colour scheme and materials, you’ve created a custom environment with the highest quality products. So, why should your bathroom accessories be any different?

Your bathroom is the most used room in your house, so it’s vital that it meets your needs. When you’re washing your hands, you can save time and hassle with a high-quality Hansgrohe soap dispenser. Similarly, when you’re stepping into the luxurious Hansgrohe IntenseRain spray of your shower, you’ll want your scrubs, shampoos and shower gels to hand. With Hansgrohe shower accessories, you can maintain your design whilst increasing convenience and flexibility.

Hansgrohe bathroom accessories enhance any bathroom and they make the perfect addition to a Hansgrohe shower system. If you have chosen a shower from the Hansgrohe Logis range, basin taps from the Hansgrohe Focus range or a Hansgrohe Metris mixer, why not finish your stunning designs with Hansgrohe bathroom and shower accessories?

Hansgrohe Shower Accessories for Added Functionality

Although Hansgrohe bathroom accessories will visually enhance your bathroom, they modify the way you use your new bathroom too. Carefully designed, Hansgrohe bathroom accessories are sleek and easy to clean. Created with the highest quality materials, you can be confident that all Hansgrohe bathroom accessories will prove to be long-lasting and durable, even when exposed to high levels of humidity and increased moisture content. Selecting luxury Hansgrohe shower accessories means incorporating luxury at every point. When you choose Hansgrohe shower hoses, shower pipes, soap dispensers and grab rails , you are creating a highly functional, custom bathroom for your family.

With so many options to choose from, why not take a look at the range of stunning Hansgrohe bathroom accessories now?

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