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Exposed Shower Valves

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Exposed shower valves are normally a horizontal bar that protrudes outside of the shower wall. Exposed shower valves can be fitted more quickly and easily since only the hot and cold water pipe feeds are installed in the wall instead of the entire valve. This also makes servicing much simpler.

There are two main kinds of exposed shower valves, thermostatic shower valves, and exposed shower mixing valves. Thermostatic valves incorporate a preset thermostat to ensure that you get your ideal shower temperature every time. Mixing valves are a traditional style valve that mixes the hot and cold water feeds, allowing the user to fine-tune their shower experience, making it easier to wash clothes, pets, and children.

Junction 2 Interiors is proud to offer exposed shower valves from classic brands such as Lefroy Brooks, Heritage, Crosswater, and Hansgrohe.