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Close Coupled Toilets

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What is a close coupled toilet and how does it work?

A close coupled toilet is a type of toilet where the cistern (water tank) is attached directly to the back of the bowl. This design creates a compact and streamlined look. When you flush, the water from the cistern is released into the bowl, causing waste to be flushed away through a siphon mechanism.

Close Coupled Toilets

Close coupled toilets are perhaps the most common type of toilet in domestic settings in the UK, and are used in a range of bathroom designs from traditional right through to contemporary and modern. In short, close coupled toilets allow you to make the most out of your bathroom by letting you decorate both the cistern and the pan itself. With both of these key components on show, you’re able to create that classic look.  

Traditional Close Coupled Toilet

The wide range of different styles available for this type of toilet, such as close coupled traditional toilets, toilets with modern rimless technology, and a collection of modern designs with sleek lines and striking angles, provides you with plenty of options to choose from. A close coupled toilet is a great choice for bathrooms because they are space-efficient and easy to install. It is economical – while the direct flush mechanism is more powerful than the boxed rim design, it uses less water. This means that with every flush, you will spend less water but end up with a cleaner end product.  You will find the perfect toilet for your bathroom.

The inlet of your cistern is very important, as this will determine whether you purchase a back-to-wall or open back toilet. A back-to-wall toilet will only allow a vertical inlet, whereas an open back toilet will allow a bottom, rear, or side inlet. Sometimes choosing can depend on your current set up.

Close Coupled WC

Our close coupled toilets such as the Heritage Dorchester Close Coupled WC Pan with a toilet seat, comes in a wide range styles from our ever-widening range of bathroom brands, whether you’re looking to create an entirely new theme inside your bathroom, or are looking to replace a bathroom essential, we’ll help your bathroom get to where you need it to be with range of close coupled toilets. Heritage & Burlington merge period design features with this modern, innovative style. While Duravit, and Crosswater lead the way in creating fresh, cool modern ceramic designs, these are tailor made for inclusion in contemporary living space.

Duravit, and Crosswater have some sleek designs in the luxury category and there are compact sizes and corner toilets available for smaller bathrooms.

We offer a wide range of close coupled toilets from some of the leading bathroom brands. Our toilets come in a wide variety of styles, so you can find the perfect one for your home.

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