Roper Rhodes Bathroom Cabinets, Basins, Toilets and Taps

Recognised as one of the leading suppliers in the U.K sanitaryware market, Roper Rhodes bathrooms have been the creators of high quality bathroom furniture for over 30 years.

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Manufacturing both traditional and modern bathroom designs, Roper Rhodes can improve all bathroom styles, and their flexible approach to their design ensures a premium bathroom product that is tailored towards any interior.

At Junction 2, we boast a wide range of high quality Roper Rhodes products from, Back to wall toilets to Inset basins and taps, to furniture and bathroom accessories . With such a wide variety of styles and finishes, Junction 2 make it easy for you to create the bathroom you envisage for your home. With our extensive knowledge of this range, Junction 2 Interiors are here to help you design your bathroom and provide you with an expert service when choosing your Roper Rhodes products.

Junction 2 Interiors – Our Roper Rhodes Products

With a dynasty of vanity bathroom furniture making excellence that has lasted more than 3 decades, Roper Rhodes are purveyors of furniture excellence of the highest order. Seemingly blending both function and style, all of Roper Rhodes products are able to satisfy your needs of both functional competence as well as aesthetic beauty. Whether you’re just looking to accessorise, or are in fact looking to revamp your entire bathroom experience, you’ll find it difficult to go wrong with the Roper Rhodes experience.

With such rigorous product development strategies, Roper Rhodes products ensure only the best in terms of function as well as aesthetic value.  The materials of each product are made to last, which is why so many of the brands products are issued with different years of guarantuee.

Roper Rhodes understand that the bathroom has risen to become one of the most innovative and style conscious rooms in the home, this is why they place such a large emphasis on making sure their products are as high quality and sustainable as possible.

Our range of Roper Rhodes products at Junction 2 Interiors features both traditional and as contemporary pieces, but as a general rule of thumb, the products tend to lend themselves towards more modern pieces. You only have to scroll through our collection of basins to admire and embrace their sleek and style and curvature. As for other elements of the Roper Range, such as the brand’s bathroom furniture pieces, they also adopt a modern and sleek look, just the Roper Rhodes accessories we offer do too.

Whether you’re looking to rearrange your entire bathroom, or are simply looking to add to your existing bathroom design, our range of Roper Rhodes products provide you with an exclusive range of bathrooms that can take your bathroom design to the next level. For any questions about our Roper Rhodes range, call us today on 0121 543 4474. Alternatively, pop into our showroom and see the collection for yourself. Our showroom is open Monday-Saturday 09:00-18:00.

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