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Radox Radiators

Radox Radiators at Junction 2 Interiors


Here at Junction 2 Interiors we boast a wide range of luxury and designer brands. Radox Radiators is one of many. Established in 2008 in the UK, with two things in mind – innovative and diversity. Radox Radiators are a specialised brand focusing on the creation of enviable and forward-thinking products. As one of the leading brand names in designer radiator and towel rail manufacture, Radox reintroduces a romantic association into something as simple as staying warm. Today, Saneux are more diverse than ever creating unrivalled designer radiators at great value and with invigorating style.

Founded by Clyde Williams in 2008, Radox radiators is situated in a seven-acre site where they design, produce and manufacturer all their products.


The Innovative Design


With over 30 years knowledge in this field, Williams and his team set out to create an unrivalled radiator design. Williams dream was to invent a heating solution that was not only manufactured to the utmost quality but skilfully constructed for a designer appeal. To differentiate the Radox Radiator brand, Williams wanted to ensure customer service was above and beyond any customer expectation. Radox Radiators and team are renowned for creating art in the world of radiators, using innovative techniques and inspiration from unique geometric shapes it is certain that they are ahead of the game.


The Quality Check


With any bathroom product, quality is key. Whether you’re in need of a new soap dish or a brand-new bathtub you expect that product to be durable and made to the highest standards. Radox Radiators ensure their radiators maintain the utmost quality. Made from the best raw materials and sourced from the EU, Radox can guarantee you the highest quality integrity of manufacture. Radox Radiators do not cut corners in terms of quality, ensuring that every material is tested and trusted during the manufacturing process. Alongside their extensive quality checks, Radox Radiators offer a supreme guarantee of 10 Years for towel rails and a lifetime guarantee on their entire stainless-steel range.


Customer Care


Radox Radiator prides itself on its engagement and cooperation with customers. At the heart of every sale, Radox put you first. Having been in the industry for over 30 years, Williams and his team understand the importance of keeping customers happy. The company’s philosophy is to provide excellent customer service with every sale. Radox Radiator step above the rest and go above and beyond to resolve any problem to ensure they never leave their customers hanging.




Here at Junction 2 Interiors we believe your heating solution should not only be stylish but also unrivalled. Radox Radiators allows you to recreate your wildest bathroom dream with its innovative and desirable design. Whether you’re looking for a designer radiator or are simply looking to replace your old model, then look no further! Come into our showroom and see for yourselves the effect Radox Radiators has in your bathroom.

For more information or any queries about the products we stock, please do not hesitate to give us a call today on 0121 543 4474. Alternatively, pop into our showroom and we’d be happy to go through any questions you may have. Junction 2 is open Monday – Saturday 09.00-18.00 and Sunday 10.30-16.00.


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