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Matki EauZone Shower Enclosures at Junction 2 Interiors


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Matki EauZone Plus

Priding ourselves on a quality service means providing our customers with the best possible products. And perhaps no other product range creates as much prestige as those from our Matki Eauzone range.

Standing alone in terms of their supreme quality & chic style, Eauzone products give your bathroom a striking grandeur that is hallmarked by the latest technology and most ergonomic designs.

Having built a solid reputation of quality through decades of research, ingenuity and craftsmanship, Junction 2’s collection of Eauzone are becoming increasingly desired not only for their aesthetics but also for their ergonomic prowesss.

Junction 2 Interiors Matki Frameless Shower Enclosures


Made with 10mm thick glass panels Matki’s range of Frameless Shower Enclosure are probably their signature product. Whether you’re looking to renovate your entire bathroom or are just keen to get a shower enclosure that will last for the long run, we’re confident our range of Eauzone’s will get your bathroom to another level in terms of both use & function.

There’s also the minimal framing that goes into these products as well. Accompanying the thick glass, this stunning beautifully finished details are the small details that comprise of the entire whole – a  whole that creates something truly unique and special inside your bathroom.

Our range of a Matki shower enclosures have performed so successfully that they we are continually widening our range an offering.  Call in for more details.


Junction 2 Interiors Matki’s Luxurious Bath Screens


But it’s not just Matki’s shower enclosures that exude such high quality and prestige, their luxurious bath screens are equally impressive as well. Made using the latest water-tight technology and boasting the company’s signature 10mm thick glass, these Matki bath screens provide as much quality as they do aesthetic pleasure.

Bath screens are a fantastic way to add personality and charisma to your bathroom, adding a sleek prestige feel. Although Matki bath screens can work well in a traditionally setting, they typically work best in modern and contemporary settings too.  Whether you’re renovating your entire bathroom or are simply replacing your existing screen, you’ll find it difficult to go wrong with these stunning screens from Junction 2 Interiors.

Eauzone Plus Wet Rooms Panels


The last but perhaps the most important element of Eazone Collection is the Matki wet room panels. Made of 10mm and 12mm thick glass, the wet room panels create a seamless blend of minimalism within your bathroom. Permitting an elegant minimalism, the base of the panels are completely frameless and the panels themselves come up to 1200mm wide do not require a brace bar. An integrated Shower Tray is available for a number of models.



Junction 2 Interior’s range of Matki products is a widening year on year. It’s a brand famous for its quality as well as its chic design. Whether you’re looking to renovate your entire bathroom, or are just keen to get your bathroom up to scratch with a new, exciting focal point, you’ll find it difficult to go wrong with any of the Eauzone designs from Matki. Please feel free to call us today on 0121 543 4474, as we’d be happy to go through any questions you might have.


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