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Why Choose a Premium Bathroom Brand?

Why Choose a Premium Bathroom Brand?

“Why should I pay more for this premium branded item, when I can get virtually the same product for less?” - It’s a question that we’re asked a lot by our customers who are conscious of both quality and value for money. Whilst paying a little less for a product that seems identical to a premium brand, you may in fact be paying for something with lesser quality that has not been built with durability in mind - something that is vital when considering a renovation of your bathroom.

Before making a decision on the best products for your new bathroom, it’s important to consider the following three factors:

1. Are you paying more for quality and durability, or are you just paying more?
Long product warranties and heavy duty materials are expected as standard from the more premium brands, such as Hansgrohe, Crosswater, Heritage, etc. Dipping your budget leave you needing to compromise on the quality and endurance, meaning that you will need to replace these products a lot sooner than you would with say, a Hansgrohe product, costing you a lot more than the few pounds you may be trying to save now. An item made from stone or ceramic is much more durable than something built with plastics, and it’s important to keep this in mind when weighing up your options.

2. Are you compromising on your dream bathroom design?
If it’s the fine details you’re looking for, with custom embellishments and a regal intuition then it’s more than probable that you are opting for a more luxurious brand for your bathroom, but what if you aren’t willing to compromise on your budget to achieve these styles? A lot of bathroom brands over various different ranges, tailoring a perfect design for any bathroom, whether that’s traditional or contemporary. Budget brands may only offer one shape or design within their range, whereas those premium brands such as Hansgrohe, offer 9 different ranges.

3. Are you concerned with how your materials are sourced, and if your products are environmentally friendly?
Depending on the brand you choose for your bathroom, you may be buying a product that has been imported from the Far East. Where possible, we recommend buying your products from brands that manufacture in the UK and Europe. Heritage and Hansgrohe both manufacture their products inside of Europe, making them much more environmentally friendly and much more robust in terms of their endurance. Once again, this makes for a much longer-lasting product.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing whether to opt for a premium or a standard brand when buying your bathroom furniture, but if you are looking for a stylish product that is made to pass the test of time with a long warranty that allows you to feel safe in your purchase, then choosing a premium brand is always going to be the safer option for you.

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Published on Tuesday, 23rd February 10:51am
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