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Shine for Days: 7 Tips for Cleaning Your Glass Shower Doors

Shine for Days: 7 Tips for Cleaning Your Glass Shower Doors


Are you one of these people who loves letting the shower doors steam up and writing your name or drawing a pretty picture in the mist?

We all do it from time-to-time but those misty doors can very easily stay fogged up and dirty. And over time you can barely see in the shower at all.  A dirty shower is not something you want on your conscious. 

Indeed, as someone who takes pride in their bathroom, you’ve probably recalled in horror at the state of some of the bathrooms on shows like How Clean Is Your House? But many of the people on this show are guilty of letting their problems and their homes spiral out of control. 

Don’t make the same mistake. Here’s how to clean glass shower doors.


One solution to how to clean glass shower doors is to hire a cleaner. But many people object to this on moral grounds and it can also be expensive. You are much better off cleaning your bathroom yourself. 

If you want to keep those shower doors and your bathroom in general clean the best thing to do is get yourself into a routine of cleaning them every day. There’s no point in letting your bathroom get dirty, particularly if you’ve gone to the trouble of making it look more expensive

However, this can be easier-said-than-done, particularly if you work or have to take your children to school. 70% of women already feel they work two jobs because the cleaning rota is so demanding. The way to resolving this is to ensure the cleaning duties are shared equally between family members or housemates. It is all the more incentive to wake up that little bit earlier to get the job done. 

Homemade Door Cleaner 

And the best way to clean the shower glass panels is not with water - giving them a quick hose down after you’re done - but with your own homemade cleaner. 

Cleaning expert Beverly Leestma has devised a magic formula she thinks works best. She suggests a mixture of half-a-cup of hydrogen peroxide, half a cup of rubbing alcohol, 1 tablespoon of rinse aid for dishwashers and 1 teaspoon of dish soap.

These ingredients are all standard in a cleaner's toolbox so you may well already have these items lying around the house. If not then do make sure you visit your local supermarket to see if they are available.

Next, get yourself a spray bottle - the sort that a hairdresser would use to spray your hair to make it wet - and add the mixture to some water.

The reason daily door cleans can be a good routine to get into is because in taking a shower much of the dirt and grease gets loosened. This makes it easier to clean and means you keep on top of the cleaning much more easily.

Monthly Scrub Down 

But whilst there’s much that can be done on a daily basis to ensure your shower door stays squeaky clean you’ve still got to do a deep clean, every now and then.

Every month is probably a good routine to get into but, if not, at least every other month. More than this and any guests that come to stay might start to gossip about your cleanliness. 

Make sure you’ve set aside some serious time to do this in your schedule. Doing a quick job will not produce results. You’re going to need to scrub well, making sure you put your back into it. 

A product that many use to carry out this deep clean is the Magic Eraser Sponge. Others swear by dryer sheets. 

We’d recommend making sure you wear some rubber gloves and maybe even a facemask if you find the chemicals hard on your eyes and mouth.


Another homemade product you can scrub with is vinegar. A homemade remedy is to heat some up and mix it with detergent,  placing the mixture on a cloth.  It’s acceptable for most normal showers but if you have one made of stone it might damage the stonework.

Vinegar is also smelly and it can linger for some time so it might not always be the best option, particularly if you know there is someone waiting for a shower. 


Another alternative to vinegar is lemon and baking soda. This can leave your shower door smelling fresh and zesty. It’s also the most natural way to clean your shower door, without having to worry about the effect of the chemicals. 

Cut a lemon in half and rub it in baking powder. Then when you glide it over the door you will see a chemical reaction take place as the alkaline of the baking powder mixes with acid in the lemon. 

Get Into All the Nooks and Crannies 

When we think about cleaning shower doors it's very easy to think its a straightforward job but many of us forget to think about the smaller areas as well. Be sure to clean the tops of the shower door and all the edges.

Use a toothbrush, perhaps covered in vinegar or one of the mixtures you’ve used for scrubbing the rest of the glass, to get deep in there.

You might also want to think about a scraper for where the glass meets the metal edges of the door to help get rid of any gunk or dirt that has built up around it. 

Glass Shower Doors Fit For A Queen of Clean!

Getting your shower doors nice and clean can sometimes seem like a daunting task. But this is only if you put it off and attempt to clean the dirt away all at once.

The key to getting clean glass shower doors is to ensure you clean your shower every day after you have gotten out. It is this combined with scheduling a routine clean of your bathroom every month that can make a difference. 

If you’re interested in finding the perfect shower for your bathroom be sure to check out our range of showers and accessories by clicking here


Trendy Toilets: 7 Cool Trends in Bathroom Fixtures

Trendy Toilets: 7 Cool Trends in Bathroom Fixtures


Bathroom. Loo. Wash closet. Toilet. Powder room. There are countless names for that cozy and essential room in any home.

There's one name we don't often think about, though: restroom. Your bathroom should be a place where you can pamper yourself with a long bath, a relaxing shower, or makeover session.

One way to make it all that it can be is with the right bathroom fixtures. Are you having a hard time finding the balance between appearance and usefulness? Try these top trends.

Trends in Bathroom Fixtures

Whether your bathroom is a sprawling spa or a cozy haven, your fixtures will make or break the room. Get with the times by considering these trendy options.

1. Floating Vanities

Is there a harder-working item in your entire bathroom than your vanity? It offers storage, a surface for anything you might need, and the sink you use so many times each day.

To get the most you can from this workhorse, you need to choose your vanity with style in mind too. That's why more and more homeowners are opting for floating vanities.

A floating vanity attaches to the wall, but it doesn't have legs that extend to the floor. In other words, there is a gap of open space underneath. These are especially popular in modern bathrooms that are aiming for a minimalist look. 


Some homeowners worry that a floating vanity will offer less storage space than one that extends to the ground. While that is true, you can always use baskets or other stylish containers as added storage under the vanity.

2. Freestanding Tubs

You may notice that some of the items on this list were old trends that have come back around. Freestanding tubs are among them.

Today's styles extend beyond the claw foot tubs of old. While antique or recreated clawfoot tubs have their place, modern homeowners love more contemporary looks. These tubs tend to be sleek, minimalist soakers.

There are practical advantages of having a freestanding tub too. For one, you have more freedom in where you choose to install it. Some homeowners are even installing tubs away from the wall with the pipes coming down from the ceiling.

3. Touch Faucets

Technology has made so many aspects of life easier, and that includes the bathroom. Today's homeowners are head over heels for the trend of touch faucets or sensor faucets.

These unique spouts turn on and off with a touch of the spout. They offer a sleek, modern look because they often have just one discreet tap.

Touch spouts are especially popular for families. Any time a child needs to wash their hands, they can keep the grime off the faucet by touching it with their elbow. These spouts are easier for kids to use too because they don't need to turn any taps.

4. Dual Flush Toilets

We all want a more eco-friendly bathroom. As it turns out, you can help the planet while also bringing your bathroom into the 21st century.

One way to do that is with a dual flush toilet. As its name suggests, a dual flush toilet has two types of flushes.

One flush is water-conserving and eco-friendly. The other is stronger, more like a standard toilet flush.

A dual flush toilet is the best of both worlds. When possible, you can be eco-friendly and conserve water and energy. When that isn't possible, you aren't stuck flushing a low-flow toilet seven times in a row.

5. Bidets

While they're a fixture in many parts of Europe, bidets haven't been as popular in the UK in the past. In the past few years, that's been changing.

As our world becomes a more diverse blend of cultures, more people in the UK are trying out bidets and loving them.

Bidets come in a wide range of choices. Many of them are electric, and this allows them to offer more high-tech options and settings.

The best news is that you can find a bidet for any budget. There are simple models for modest homes as well as extreme luxury models that are one step shy of making a sandwich for you.

6. Vessel Sinks

Your vanity is one of the most noticeable parts of your bathroom design. You need to make it count.

One beautiful trend to try is a vessel sink. A vessel sink is above the top of your vanity, not set into it. In fact, it looks like a giant bowl sitting on your vanity.

Vessel sinks are especially common in bathrooms with a modern aesthetic. These homeowners tend to opt for sleek white vessel sinks, whether round or square.

If you prefer a more traditional or rustic style, though, there are plenty of vessel sinks that cater to this look.

7. Wall-Mounted Toilets

Too many homeowners say, "A toilet is a toilet. They all look the same." The truth is that your toilet can be a design accent if you play your cards right.

One way to make your toilet stand out is with a wall-mounted toilet, also called a floating toilet. Much like a floating vanity these toilets are mounted to the wall and seem to float above the ground.

The added open space makes these toilets look contemporary and stylish. If you want a minimalist look in your bathroom, this is a must.

Want to take advantage of that trend toward bidets, too? No problem. There are wall-mounted bidets to fit your style too.

Designing Your Personal Space

A bathroom is one of those few places you can go for some solitary peace and quiet. It's where you can indulge yourself in a bubble bath or give yourself a look that makes you feel confident.

It's also an essential part of your home's look.

The trend bathroom fixtures above cater to both the functionality and the appearance of your bathroom. They can allow you to turn that space into the relaxing haven it was meant to be.

To start shopping for your dream fixtures today, shop our bathroom items online.


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Toilets, Tubs, and Towel Rails: 10 Tips for Designing Your New Bathroom

Toilets, Tubs, and Towel Rails: 10 Tips for Designing Your New Bathroom

Is your bathroom in need of an upgrade? Maybe you're still living in the 90s, hoping that neon green paint colour will come back in style.

While designing a new bathroom is a lot of work, it is a rewarding experience that allows you to create the space of your dreams. Even if you think you've got it all under control, there are 10 tips you need to know prior to diving in. 

1. Create the Layout You Want

First things first, you need to evaluate the layout you're currently working with. While it's true that there are many things that can be solved with new appliances and fixtures, sometimes what you're looking for is a layout update.

A layout update can be something as simple as a sink or toilet mounted to the wall. This will open up your space and help create the illusion that you have a lot of free room, even if your bathroom layout is a little small.

If you're looking for a more significant layout change, consider reaching out to a designer who can walk you through the process. They will be able to take measurements of your space and make suggestions of how to move forward with enhancing your new bathroom.

2. Storage

Let's be honest, it's easy to collect countless items you use in your everyday bathroom routine. But with all this stuff, where will you store it?

Consider who all will be using this space. Even if it's only one or two, you can accumulate a lot of stuff. One great alternative if you're working with a smaller bathroom is to add shelving.

One way to do this is to build it into the shower to store shampoos, body washes, and other bottles. You can also add floating shelving around the vanity of above the toilet that will hold makeup, extra toilet paper, or odds and ends.

Another great investment includes containers that will withstand the wear and tear of the water and warmth it will encounter in the bathroom. These can hold numerous items that can then be neatly placed on one of your newly installed shelves.

3. Lighting

Even if you find that you aren't able to completely revamp the bathroom space you have, a change in lighting can make a world of difference. A quick change from dull lighting to a solution that brightens your whole space will make it feel like a totally different bathroom.

There are a variety of options that allow you to be creative with the lighting that you choose. From vanities with backlights to hanging lights, this small change can significantly open up your space.

4. Paint/Coloring

Redesigning your bathroom without tearing the whole thing apart is the ability to create the illusion of space. You can do this by changing up the paint and utilizing colours that open up the room and create an inviting atmosphere.

Bathrooms that use light and airy colours immediately make a small room feel more spacious. This applies to your bathroom as well. Try to find and maintain a simple paint palette. This will give you the option to pull in accent colours through your storage bins, towels, or even shower curtain for that pop of colour.

Avoid dark colours as these make a space feel small and closed off. You want your bathroom to be inviting. The paint colours you choose hold this power!

5. Stay on Budget

Develop a budget up front and stick to it! Bathroom redesign can get very expensive if you don't set parameters at the beginning.

If you find fixtures that you love, but can't afford. Try searching for them online to find a more affordable option. Most importantly, build room in your budget for unexpected expenses should they pop up. It's never fun to encounter something unavoidable that send the remodel into a tailspin.

6. Keep it in Perspective

An overall bathroom haul sounds appealing, especially if you haven't revamped your space in a long time. But after you've developed your budget, be sure to search for pieces that are stylish and fit your vision, but also meet your needs.

While it sounds great to have a large shower with glass walls, is it practical for the needs of you and other individuals who will be using your space? You also might be leaning towards real marble, but it doesn't fit in your budget. There are plenty of great alternatives that give you the same look and style all while being affordable.

7. Find Brands You Love

Often you'll find a fixture within a brand that you fall in love with. Odds are, this brand will have other pieces that you'll love as well. Sticking with one brand also creates a cohesive design experience.

Three brands that are highly recommended and come with a variety of streamlined products include Duravit, Heritage, and Matki. Duravit, in particular, has created a line that is both innovative and of high quality. This brand is built with durability in mind and is meant to last for a long period of time.

8. Focus on the Floors

An important piece that might get overlooked is the material you use for your flooring. Consider the amount of wear and tear your bathroom floors sees. From the shoes you wear to work to the hairspray you use every morning all the way to the moisture from the shower, it experiences a lot.

Consider investing in flooring that will be protected from the liquids it will encounter. This will leave them in quality condition for the years to come. Some great options include tiles made of ceramic or porcelain as opposed to laminate flooring.

9. Ventilation

This very important piece will help maintain the quality and durability of your bathroom for years to come. With a hot shower in a small space, humidity is inevitable, but if you aren't prepared, you could be fighting mould in your bathroom that costs a pretty penny.

A fan is an investment worth making in order to keep your bathroom in the best shape. It helps to dispel the extra humidity and moisture in the air in order to protect the space.

10. Consider Your Needs

Bathroom trends are always changing and many of the fixtures that were used in older houses don't' fit the design of newer builds. Your bathroom may not need a full remodel, but might be in need of an update.

Older bathroom vanities were built much shorter than the ones designed today. Find one that meets your needs when considering height and storage. There are also fun and easy ways to add extra storage or lighting to a bathroom to give it a facelift, especially if a total remodel isn't in the budget.

New Bathroom, New You

It's amazing what a bathroom update can do for your home. Consider these 10 tips when designing a new bathroom and you're sure to make a space that is warm and tranquil.

Want to learn more about the best bathroom trends to look for in 2019 before you commit to an entire bathroom remodel? Click here to read up on the latest and greatest in bathroom design.


How to Choose the Best Taps for Your Bathroom

How to Choose the Best Taps for Your Bathroom

Tip-Top Tap Tips: How to Choose the Best Taps for Your Bathroom

Nothing can make or break a stylish bathroom quite as much as taps. We take a look at how to choose the best taps for your bathroom.

You can repair most taps. That means whatever taps you install will most likely last as long as the house itself.

So it's vital to pick the best taps to make your renovation worthwhile.

If you don't want to replace your taps in the next decade or so, it's important to pick a material that can withstand the elements and constant wear and tear. Plus the style has to stay trendy for the coming years. And the finish has to last decades of use. 

But don't worry, we'll help you decide what's best.

Below we cover the most common materials, styles, and finishes for the best bathroom taps.

Consider the Material

Brass and ceramic are the two most common materials used to make bathroom taps.


Pure brass taps last the longest, usually decades. They need the least amount of care, and they hold up well in cold winter months. They're durable against hot water and the usual wear and tear that taps endure.

But their durability means brass taps are often the most expensive option. But they pay for themselves in the long run.

In fact, brass is so durable that antique sinks are often found and still used in renovations. After decades, these sinks are still in great condition.

Brass is also a versatile option that's common in bathrooms. Parts are easy to come by. Brass is easy to shape and bend. This means that despite upfront costs, repairs are much cheaper than other options.

A brass option you might encounter is a die-cast zinc alloy. These taps aren't as durable. Zinc corrodes when it comes in contact with water. You'll need to replace die-cast zing alloys sooner than a pure brass tap.

A solid brass tap will be heavy. If you still aren't positive if your taps are solid brass, ask your plumber - they'll know the difference.


Two ceramic plates define ceramic disc taps. These plates line up to create watertight seals that stop leaks in their tracks. Ceramic taps are almost maintenance free and are long-lasting.

If a ceramic tap does start to leak, jostling a handle usually fixes the issue. The ceramic disc cartridge is the most likely culprit for repairs. If you do need to replace it, the entire disc cartridge costs no more than £25.

Consider the Style

This is the most exciting part of picking the best bathroom taps for your home. What sort of style are you hoping to achieve? Most countertop basin taps fall into two styles: traditional or contemporary.


Handles with traditional bathroom taps often feature cross-heads or rhinestones. Traditional spouts are usually short, or they feature long, water-pump style necks.

Traditional bathroom taps are the ideal way to add a touch of rustic charm to a country home or beach cabin. Check out these Heritage Taps for more ideas.


Contemporary taps feature a sleek, minimalist style. Many contemporary bath and basin taps create a softer flow that mimics the way water flows in nature.

Contemporary styles add a dash of elegance and are a great way to accent a stylish basin sink. Contemporary taps work well anytime you want to add a more modern touch to your home.

Consider the Finish

Whether you choose a brass or ceramic tap, the finish creates the end style. Each of these finishes works well with either a traditional or contemporary tap.


Chrome has been an ongoing favourite for years. It's versatile and easy to clean and maintain. Chrome is the most inexpensive finish for your bathroom taps.

Chrome taps are a staple in most homes, kitchens, and bathrooms. As such, they seem to always be in style, making them a long lasting choice that's guaranteed to go with any color palette. 

It's a good thing it's easy to clean because chrome needs it regularly. Chrome shows fingerprints, water spots and dust, which is by far its biggest drawback.


Nickel is great if you want to get away from chrome but still love a sleek shiny finish. It goes well with most styles. It's durable and easy to clean.

Also, consider brushed nickel. It doesn't show fingerprints or water spots the way chrome does, but it has a softer hue than polished nickel. This is also one of the most durable finishes.

The downside to nickel? It's pricier than chrome. But if you don't want to polish your taps every day, the investment is worth it.


Pewter is a brushed nickel finish. Its blue-grey matte appearance pairs well with brushed sinks. Pewter is easy to clean and resistant to rust.

However, the soft metal means it's prone to scratches and dents. Always clean pewter with a soft cloth, as abrasive cleaning pads can scratch pewter.  

The Best Taps for Your Bathroom Are in Reach

We covered the most common options for modern bathroom renovations.

Brass taps, while expensive up front, are often well worth the investment due to their durability. Ceramic taps are easy and affordable to fix. 

While traditional styles are a proven, lasting trend, contemporary styles are sleek and elegant and likely to last.

Finishes come in a wide variety, and it's important to pay attention to the unique differences. How easy are they to clean? How dirty do they get in the first place? How long is a finish likely to last. 

If you're still struggling to find the best taps for you, contact us today to book a bathroom or kitchen redesign. 


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