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Bathroom Toilet Collection 

Toilets serve as an essential in any bathroom, so it’s important that the toilet you choose is aligned with exactly what you need. Whether you’re performing an entire bathroom renovation or are instead replacing an existing pan, buying a new toilet is certainly made easier when you come to Junction 2 Interiors.  With a wide range of brands offering a wider range of toilet designs, Junction 2 Interiors has all your toilet needs under control.

Back to Wall Toilets

Back to Wall Toilets provide a unique and innovative look inside your bathroom. Again, this particular toilet design is more suited towards contemporarily designed bathrooms, however they also provide everything you need to take your bathroom to the next level of both chic and minimalism. At Junction 2, our range of back to wall pans are made from several bathroom brands from all over the globe.
Although Back-to-Wall pans are typically made for modern and contemporary designed bathroom, we also provide a collection of traditionally designed bathrooms too. Both traditional brands such as Burlington and Heritage provide them.

Close Coupled Toilets

Close coupled toilets are perhaps the most common domestic toilets, and are used in a range of bathroom designs from traditional right through to contemporary and modern. In short, close coupled toilets allow you to make the most out of your bathroom by letting you decorate both the cistern and the pan itself. With both of these key components on show, you’re able to create that classic look.  Our close coupled toilets comes in a wide range styles from our ever-widening range of bathroom brands, whether you’re looking to create an entirely new theme inside your bathroom, or are looking to replace a bathroom essential, we’ll help your bathroom get to where you need it to be with range of close coupled toilets.

High & Low Level Toilet Designs

Perhaps our most exciting toilet designs, high and low level toilets allow your bathroom to get to the next level of both style and durability. Typically made by specialist brands such as Burlington and Heritage, you can be assured of a high quality bathroom product when you opt for one of these toilet designs.  Each of these designs contribute to make something truly special inside your bathroom. Whether it’s the chrome glimmer of the flush pipe for the subtle detailing of an ornate cistern you can be assured of only luxury and opulence when you purchase one of our toilet designs.

Concealed Cisterns

Often associated with modern and contemporary designs, concealed cisterns are the perfect way to save space and reduce clutter inside your bathroom. Whereas traditional toilet designs typically celebrate the cistern by making it decorative and ornate, modern bathrooms tend to conceal it, inadvertently making the bathroom look more minimal and streamlined. Whether you’re renovating your entire bathroom or are simply replacing an existing pan, you’ll find it very difficult to go wrong with our collection of concealed designs.


Whether you’re looking to rearrange your entire bathroom, or are simply looking to add to your existing bathroom design, our range of toilet provide you with an exclusive range of products that can take your bathroom design to the next level. For any questions about our collection of toilets, call us today on 0121 543 4474. Alternatively, pop into our showroom and see the collection for yourself. Our showroom is open Monday-Saturday 09:00-18:00.
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