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Create the Ultimate Bathroom Setting with Junction 2 Interiors


Here at Junction 2 Interiors, we believe that a bathroom’s style is just as important as its function. Whether you’re looking to renovate your entire home or simply add some additional storage space, we have the answer!


With an ocean of different designs and styles, Junction 2 has a furniture unit for every bathroom desire. From Back to Wall toilet units to Freestanding Vanity Units, Junction 2 Interiors caters for all your individual needs.


To elevate your bathroom experience, take a look at our wide range of furniture units.


Back to Wall Toilet Units


Conceal the unsightly scenes of pipework with our wide range of back to wall toilet units. The ideal solution for both contemporary and traditional styled bathrooms, Junction 2’s furniture range has the answer.


Both Roper Rhodes and Bauhaus offer a deluxe back to wall design, tailored for your bathroom needs.


Featuring fine detailing and oozing style, Junction 2 can guarantee you additional storage space, bound to take your bathroom to the next level of both elegance and function. Back to Wall units offer a sophisticated and minimalistic look that are perfectly paired with a wide array of bathroom furniture units.


Countertop for Basins


Add unrivalled function and style to your bathroom setting with Junction 2 Interiors. Our extensive range of countertop basins offer both an ultra-sleek and sophisticated appeal in your bathroom. Creating optional storage space as well as a stylish sink area, our versatile range enables you to brush your teeth and clean your face efficiently and effectively.


Junction 2 Interiors has a design for everybody.


Our range of countertop units for basins includes industry expert brands such as Duravit and Bauhaus, to allow you to create the ultimate bathroom appeal.


Mirrored Cabinets


Illuminated or not, check out our wide range of Mirrored Cabinets at Junction 2 Interiors. Creating the illusion of more floor space in smaller bathrooms, and encapsulating a luxurious feel in to your home our extensive array of products are bound to impress you.


At Junction 2, we offer a combination of traditional and contemporary styles, designed to take any bathroom interior to the next level of both style and function. With an array of different features including mirror cabinets, integrated lighting, charging ports and some even with built-in Bluetooth speakers, bathroom furniture has been revolutionised for modern homes.


From Miller bathrooms to HIB furniture, Junction 2 Interiors provides a style and design ideal for creating the ultimate bathroom experience.


Freestanding Vanity Units


Oozing both sophistication and minimalism, our wide range of Freestanding vanity units take your bathroom to the next level of function. Ideal for contemporary and traditional settings, Junction 2 Interiors contain a wide range of brands encapsulating a luxurious and aesthetical pleasing appeal.


From Duravit right through to Heritage, Junction 2 Interiors has the perfect design for every bathroom size, shape and function. Its freestanding format allows you to control where your unit is placed and how long for.


Add a charming, versatile and stylish appeal into your bathroom by browsing through our available freestanding units.




Our furniture range at Junction 2 Interiors is bound to elevate your existing bathroom experience. However, don’t just take our word for it, come in and see for yourselves. We are happy to answer any of your queries and assist you in any way you may need.

Our showroom is full of furniture unit designs and we are open Monday – Saturday 09.00-18.00 and Sunday 10.30 -16.00. Alternatively, give us a call today on 0121 543 4474 for any additional advice or support.


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