Bathroom Basins and Vanity Basins

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Bathroom Basins

Basins form an essential part of any bathroom set up.  Without a basin, basic bathroom functions such as brushing your teeth and cleaning your face don’t happen. Of course, a basin’s function is essential to a fully functioning bathroom, but it’s also important to remember the other qualities that basin brings to the table (bathroom).
At Junction 2, we have a wide range of basin styles from a rich repertoire of bathroom brands. No matter the size, style or shape of your bathroom, we guarantee there’s a basin for you in our showroom right now.
Have a quick scan through our wide collection right now.

Cloakroom Basins

Cloakroom basins need to accommodate for smaller sized bathrooms, so it’s important they’re sized accordingly.  Our range of cloakroom basins are made to fit in the corner of a smaller bathroom or ensuite, so naturally, they tend to have smaller dimensions and a natural curvature. However, even though they are some basic similarities they’re still various differences. For example a Burlington will almost certainly have a traditional design, where as a Duravit will often boast a modern and contemporary design.

Corner Basins

Corner basins are what they say on the tin, a basin that sits in the corner of bathroom. But just like any other of our basin styles, corner basins provide and create various other benefits. As well as giving your bathroom a unique style, corner basins are also excellent for saving floor space and creating a wide and more open ‘aura’ inside your bathroom.  We boast a range of style from traditional design with ornate brackets, to minimal and sleek basins from Germany. Click above for more details.

Countertop Basins

To create the ultimate ‘wow’ factor, we strongly recommend at least looking at a countertop basin.  The beauty of countertop designs is that they truly create something special, and help to improve your bathroom’s modern and aesthetic appeal. These particular designs work best for contemporary bathrooms, and also creates a separate bathroom feature aside from conventional features such as a bath or shower.

Pedestal Basins

If you’re looking for the complete look, then our range of pedestal basins might be the best possible option. Made from high quality materials and further available in a range of styles and pedestal basins create a true bathroom feature. Helping your bathroom reach its full potential. We currently boast a range of designs from a variety of brands. Check out our collection today.
Whether you’re looking to rearrange your entire bathroom, or are simply looking to replace an bathroom sink, our range of basins provide you with a range of designs that can take your bathroom to the next level. For any questions about our bath range, call us today on 0121 543 4474 . Alternatively, pop into our showroom and see the collection for yourself. Our showroom is open Monday-Saturday 09:00-18:00.
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