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The Ideal Standard at Junction 2 Interior


American manufacturers, Ideal Standard have been a leading bathroom innovator since the 19th Century. At Junction 2 Interiors we boast a wide range of bathroom products ideal for all bathroom settings. An innovative brand, Ideal Standard are continuously stepping above the rest to provide the latest in ceramic disc technology for premium quality and precise use. Ideal Standard believe that creativity is key, so pushing out the boundaries in both terms of design and technology is something they do not shy away from. With a fantastic range of bathroom appliances, Ideal Standard guarantee you products that are on trend and durable.

Take a look at Ideal Standards exquisite range.


AquaBlade® Flush Technology with Ideal Standards


Fabricated in 2015, AquaBlade® technology has revamped how we use our toilets. Whether you’re in the middle of a home renovation or replacing an old model, Ideal Standards has crafted the ideal solution. With the latest in toilet innovation, AquaBlade evokes a quieter, cleaner and smarter experience every time. The perfect addition to any contemporary setting, Ideal Standard toilets are more effective and efficient than any other toilet design. Its quieter flushing action adds a certain sleekness, unique to the Ideal Standard brand. And more importantly, AquaBlade technology ensures a 95% cleaner surface.


Ideal Standard Toilets at Junction 2 Interiors


Ideal Standards pride themselves on their ability to innovate every bathroom essential. Catering for all bathroom designs, here at Junction 2 Interiors we can guarantee you a great value for money addition to your bathroom. Designed to complement the size and shape of any bathroom, the Ideal Standard collection evokes a striking appeal. Featuring a wide array of collections including Marc Newton and Jado, our selection of Ideal Standard toilets are bound to take your bathroom to the next level of both style and function.


Get that Designer Look with Ideal Standard


Ideal Standard offer a wide range of designer bathroom looks. Combining excellent craftmanship and cutting-edge designs, Ideal Standards has the ability to create designer bathroom appearances in all bathroom or cloakroom settings. Keeping in the mind efficiency and freedom to live how you desire, Ideal Standard has incorporated the perfect designer bathroom solutions.


Ideal Standard Bathroom Planner


Utilise the Ideal Standard Bathroom Planner to get the most out of your bathroom. A unique tool offered by Ideal Standard, enabling you to create your desired bathroom layout using a free, online 3D planning tool. Our impressive range of Ideal Standard bathroom displays can be visualised in our showroom, although we understand some may be busy and unable to physical see its affects.  Ideal Standard has acknowledged this concern and provided an “in store”, online shopping experience for style conscious consumers.




To make the most out of your bathroom experience, we recommend browsing through our exquisite collection of Ideal Standard bathroom appliances. Our showroom is full of new and innovate ways to create your ideal bathroom solution.

For more information and ways to improve your existing situation, please do not hesitate to give us a call today on 0121 543 4474. Alternatively, pop in to our showroom for more information and a throughout break down of our impressive range of Ideal Standards. We’re open Monday – Saturday 09.00-18.00 and Sunday 10.30-16.00.

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