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The fancy, high-tech Japanese shower toilet has been talked about for a very long time but itís only now they are coming over to the West by big demand.

Japanese toilets may look complicated and maybe even scary but they are changing the way we use the toilet forever.

You may notice that Japanese toilets come with a lot of confusing buttons looking more like the pilotís deck of the plane, rather than somewhere to do your business. So, what can they do?

Self- Washing

Japanese toilets will clean you effectively once youíre done with your business using a range of different spray options. This helps reduce any mess and saves considerable amounts of toilet paper.

Most Japnese toilets offer a range of cleaning functions including rear, rear/soft, front, oscillate and pulsate. The idea is that the cleaning functions work much like a regular toilet with built-in bidet. A bidet shower is that small shower head that you find in some Asian countries next to the toilet for spraying after use.

Each cleaning has itís own unique advantages for all of your cleaning needs.

Auto Open and Close

Great news for any germophobes, Japnese toilets has a special function that opens and closes the lid on your behalf so you donít have to touch it each time you need to go. Itís like being warmly greeted as you walk in the bathroom to find the toiler ready for you. The special sensors know when you enter and leave the room


Thatís right, no more getting on your hands and knees to scrub the inside of the toilet. Japanese toilets come with a special self-cleaning water jet nozzle that regularly cleans the inside of the toilet bowl leaving it fresh and clean for its owners.

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