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While you may not think of your toilet as a central feature in your home, it is one of the most important aspects in any bathroom. Most homeowners aim to renovate their bathrooms every few years, so you may not be up to date with the latest toilet designs. However, there have been many innovations when it comes to functionality and style.

What is a Close Coupled Toilet?

A close couple toilet essentially means that both elements of the toilet are attached within one unit. Rather than having a separate toilet pan and cistern, a close couple WC is one streamlined unit. For many people, the simple design makes the close coupled toilet their top choice. Indeed, it is one of the most popular styles in the UK.

As well as being elegant, youíll find this toilet design in a variety of styles. From a traditional close coupled toilet for a classic bathroom design to a minimalist WC for modern bathrooms, you can complement any bathroom style with a close coupled toilet.

Choosing a Close Coupled Toilet

When youíre choosing your bathroom fixtures and fittings, youíll want to ensure you have the best close coupled toilet. In addition to choosing a brand you can trust, itís important to select a style which fits with your bathroom layout.

If youíre renovating a smaller bathroom or a downstairs WC, for example, a short projection close coupled toilet 500mm. When you opt for a compact close couple toilet, you minimise the amount of floor space it takes up. By reducing the depth of the unit, you can successfully make the most of the space available.

Of course, the range of designs means close coupled toilets can be used in almost any bathroom. By combining its features with a back to wall design, you can even select a BTW close coupled toilet for your new bathroom. Creating a simple, elegant silhouette, this combination gives you the best elements of both design options.

Furthermore, a comfort height close coupled toilet gives the unit added height. Ideal in bathrooms, en suites and cloakrooms, the extra height makes your toilet more accessible and prioritises your comfort. While a comfort height close coupled toilet wonít take up any extra floor space, the increased height does offer increased functionality.

Rimless Close Coupled Toilets

Rimless toilets are one of the latest innovations in bathroom designs. Eschewing the traditional rim design, a rimless close coupled toilet is a top design choice for many people. As well as looking great, a close couple rimless toilet offers increased hygiene too.

By removing the rim and opting for a direct flush system, you minimise the number of bacteria and germs present in your bathroom. Powerfully cleaning your close coupled toilet pan with every flush, youíll find that rimless toilets are fast becoming one of the most popular bathroom fixtures in the UK.

With a range of varying styles, you can combine your close coupled toilet with rimless features, BTW styles and elegant designs, so why not take a look at whatís on offer?

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