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Laufen Bathrooms at Junction 2 Interiors


Established in 1892, Laufen Bathrooms originated in Switzerland producing tiles and bricks for the local community. Since then, Laufen Bathrooms has a wide range of products from sanitary ware right through to accessories. The premium brand Laufen is underneath its umbrella company ROCA specialising in design, function and quality.  At Junction 2 Interiors, we boast an ocean of different Laufen Bathroom products such as furniture, basins, toilets and seats. Laufen Bathrooms categorise quality in two - focusing on manufacturing knowledge and the practical benefit Laufen products has on the function of your bathroom. Laufen Bathrooms provide an innovative solution for all your bathroom concerns.


Toilets and Seats at Junction 2 Interiors


One of the world's leading manufacturers with a global distribution network, Laufen Bathrooms evoke a striking appeal in any styled bathroom. At Junction 2 Interiors we boast a wide range of Laufen toilet designs including the innovative Il Bagno Alessi One Floorstanding BTW WC . This particular model creates the ultimate contemporary setting in any setting. To get the most out of your bathroom experience take a look at our selection of Laufen Toilets and Seats combining tradition and contemporary styles for a compelling addition to your bathroom. Featuring unique detailing and angular designs bound to take your bathroom to the next level of both style and function.


Bathroom Basins at Junction 2 Interiors


Ideal for smaller bathrooms, Junction 2’s collection of basins are designed to adorn your bathroom corner. With a stylish format and a practical design, the Laufen basin is bound to take your bathroom to the next level of both style and function. At Junction 2 Interiors, we ensure products are available to you at a pocket-friendly price and ensure a stress-free installation. Ahead of bathroom trends and combining excellent craftmanship and supreme materials, our selection of Laufen basins are bound to elevate your existing interior.


Laufen Bathroom Furniture at Junction 2 Interiors  


Whether you’re looking to improve your current bathroom situation or add some additional storage space, Junction 2’s collection of Laufen Furniture is bound to take your bathroom to the next level of style and function. Featuring ample storage space and to be used in conjunction with a countertop basin, Laufen bathroom furniture evokes a striking and stylish appeal in your bathroom.


Laufen Bathtubs at Junction 2 Interiors


Made from premium quality sanitary acrylic, Laufen Bathtubs are bound to impress you with its robustness and durability. With elegant style and an innovative design, our collection at Junction 2 Interiors is bound to take your bathroom to the next level of both style and function. The Pro Wellness Rectangular bath is one of our most popular bathtubs at Junction 2 Interiors, its unrivalled format can be used with a whirlpool system for added pleasure.




For more information about our collection of Laufen Bathrooms, please do not hesitate to give us a call today on 0121 543 4474. To see how Laufen Bathrooms elevate your existing situation take a look at our showroom, and envision the benefits of investing in this particular collection. Feel free to pop into our showroom open Monday-Saturday 09.00-18.00 and Sunday 10.30-16.00, to find out more about the Laufen collection.  


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