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At Junction 2 Interiors, we have a variety of bathroom brands, but perhaps none have as much as history as Carron Baths. Established in 1875, the Carron Company formed the now infamous ironworks on the banks of the River Carron. Riding the wave of the Industrial Revolution, and famous for their iron made artillery used by the Royal Navy from 1850.

The Name for Baths

As the company developed, so did its product ranges, and they began to design and manufacture  others products that ranged from stoves to red letter boxers before eventually moving on to red letter boxes and then eventually sinks and bathtubs.

As the market changed the Carron Company as it was in its original form came to an end, and the Carron Bathrooms was born, our Carron Company was exclusively tailored towards bathroom products. The company stayed at its original site where it had been incorporated 250 years before.

From then, Carron Bathrooms have been pioneers of modern bath design. And aside from the drastic advances in technology, Carron baths have never lost sight of the irreplaceable value that makes their baths so supreme and high quality, craftsmanship.

All Carron baths undergo an 8 stage process before leaving the factory floor. From moulding to packaging, every stage is monitored and finished by hand. The company’s confidence in its product is illustrated by their continued investment in technology that has allowed Carron Bathrooms to push the boundaries of design, but our strongest asset is our people.

At Junction 2, we provide you with a range of Carron products that are perfect for getting your bathroom to the next level of both design and functionality. For any questions about our Carron range, call us today on 0121 543 7743. Alternatively, pop into our showroom and see the collection for yourself. Our showroom is open Monday-Saturday 09:00-18:00.

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