Miele Kitchen Appliances

We have sold Miele Kitchen Appliances for many years at Junction 2 Interiors, with many loyal happy customers.  Miele's Mantra is Immer Besser, which translates into Always Better.

There are many good reasons for choosing Miele. - Contact us for Prices

Miele Quality

Over 100 Years in production, Miele quality means each product is tested to stand the equivalent of 20 years' use. 

Miele Technology

Innovative Technology means the best results from each product coupled with the lowest energy consumption.

Miele Convenience

Miele Kitchen appliances all feature the latest technology making cooking and food preparation simple.  Intuitive high-resolution touch displays will make your day to day cooking and cleaning easier.

Miele Design

Miele designs are timeless and have all the options to fit your style of kitchen, whether this be Traditional or Modern with clean lines.


Miele Service

Voted the best after sales for many years, you can be rest assured once your Miele Product is fitted they will follow up with additional support on product use and cleaning where needed.

Watch this Short Video about the Miele Ovens.

Miele 600 Series

Miele 600 Series

Miele sensor controls high-resolution touch display

Each Product features sensor controls or a high-resolution touch display

Miele Warming Steamer Trays

Miele Ovens with Steamer, Warming Trays

Miele Integrated Appliances

Miele Integrated Appliances


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