Insinkerator Food Waste Disposal Units

If you’re interested in investing in green products for your home, then you’ll love InSinkErator. Instead of throwing your food waste in the bin, an InSinkErator disposer allows you to dispose of it down your sink and send it to the treatment plant, providing a whole bevvy of environmental benefits. 
Insinkerator Waste Disposal
InSinkErator: The Ultimate In Food Waste Disposal
The majority of food waste in the UK is thrown in the bin and sent to landfill. While it’s not as harmful as, say, plastic, there are a host of reasons why it’s a bad idea. For starters, food waste rots when thrown out this way and returns dangerous greenhouse gases to the environment, increasing the already-high carbon load on the atmosphere. What’s more, it’s a missed opportunity to re-use: all that nutrient-rich food waste could be going to make biogas and compost. 
InSinkErator provides an alternative to throwing your food in the bin. With a disposer, you can throw your waste down the sink, and send it to a treatment plant where it can be collected and put to good use. 

How Does The InSinkErator System Work?
Insinkerator How it Works
An InSinkErator is a food waste disposal device that fits underneath your sink below your regular plughole. When you want to dispose of food waste, all you need to do is scrape it off the plate, turn on the InSinkErator, and run your cold water tap so that all the food goes down. The v device below the sink then micronises the food, making it so that it can flush through to the water treatment plant without clogging up your plumbing. 
There are no blades or knives in the disposer. Instead, the InSinkErator uses lugs to throw food against a stationary grind ring which breaks it up quickly and allows it to flow away with the rest of your wastewater. It’s safe, effective, and uses very little water to achieve its ends. 
A Complete Range Of Food Waste Disposers For Any Household

The Environmental Benefits Of An InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer
Every year, around 7.3 million tonnes of food waste ends up in landfill around the UK. Not only is that bad for the environment because of greenhouse gas emissions, but it’s also a missed opportunity. Biogas producers and agriculture can use food waste as inputs into their operations, helping to make the economy greener and more sustainable. 
The first stage of the process begins at home. The InSinkErator grinds food waste down into tiny particles that can effortlessly travel through plumbing. Then, water pushes the food waste towards the wastewater treatment plant. Here, special machines recover the food waste, making it re-usable for a host of additional applications, including as a fertiliser for agriculture, or as an input for biogas
If you’re interested in the environment, then this form of kitchen waste disposal is ideal. By installing an InSinkErator, you can immediately make your home more sustainable, combat landfill buildup and reduce the greenhouses gases in the environment.
The InSinkErator comes with a host of additional benefits too. First, it makes disposing of food waste easy. Instead of continually trying to avoid putting food down the sink, a disposer actively encourages you to do it. Second, it’s completely safe. There are no blades or knives involved. The unique grinding ring chops food into small particulars that can’t block up your plumbing. Finally, it’s quiet. InSinkErator has invested heavily in materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure that their product can handle all kinds of food waste, without waste noise. 
The Best Waste Disposal Product On The Market
InSinkErator undoubtedly offers the best food waste disposal product on the market. It’s quiet, convenient, and allows homeowners to do their bit to protect the planet. Find out which of their food disposers is best for you today.
InSinkErator offers a range of products for a variety of use cases. Here’s what you need to know about each model:
InSinkErator 46AS
Designed for small households
Uses a plastic sink stopper
Has a 980 ml grinding chamber
Comes with a two-year warranty
food waste disposers
InSinkErator 56
Designed for small to medium households
Offer quiet operation
Comes with a built-in air switch
Has a removable, easy-clean baffle
Comes with a three-year warranty
Insinkerator Disposal of Food
InSinkErator 66
Designed for large households
Offers quiet operation
Uses a removable easy-clean baffle
Comes with a four-year warranty

Installation of Insinkerator
InSinkErator Evolution 200
The in InSinkErator 200 is designed for large and busy households
It offers ultra-quiet operation
It comes with auto-reverse technology
It has an anti-microbial and removable baffle
Comes with a six-year warranty
Insinkerator Grinds Food Quickly
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