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A Countertop Basin Guide: Choose your perfect style.

A Countertop Basin Guide: Choose your perfect style.

Whether you’re looking to replace an old basin or you’re in the middle of a major renovation, it is important to weigh your basin options fairly and effectively.

In recent years, the countertop basin has emerged into a very popular market in the UK. 

Ideal in both traditional and contemporary settings, the countertop basin is available in an extensive variety of styles, shapes, colours and designs.

It is not a surprise that these stylish, highly-performing and easy-ish to install basins are winning the hearts of the UK homeowner.

So, what is a Countertop basin?

The countertop basin is mounted onto a single level surface such as a vanity unit or wall hung basin shelf. Cloning a bowl or large dish, the countertop basin offers an alternative and stylish addition to your bathroom.

Countertops do not mount to the wall at the back, and range in different sizes, shapes and designs. Generally, the countertop basin, just like the ordinary basin caters for all bathroom types.

If you have a smaller bathroom or cloakroom, then we recommend you opt for a smaller design to really focal point your interior design.
Similarly, if you have a larger bathroom you might choose something with a lot more panache and extravagance to evoke a striking and suited basin design.

To help choose your most suited countertop basin, lets first have a look at their shapes and styles.

Choosing the right countertop basin for your bathroom


1.   Oval Counter Top Basins

Step your bathroom apart from the rest with the oval countertop basin.

The oval countertop basin has the ultimate luxury and modern appeal. Its sophisticated and elegant format is the ideal solution for any contemporary setting.

Paired with neutral tones and minimalistic accessories, the oval shape basin creates that desirable spa-like feel in your bathroom with its intricate and soothing hue.

2.   Round Counter Top Basins

Experience indulging in a luxury hotel or spa with the round countertop basin.

If your desire a luxurious and innovative basin in your bathroom, then why not check out our extensive range of round counter tops.

The ideal solution for creating an graceful appeal in your bathroom, this particular model enables you to indulge in style, in your very own home.

3.   Square Counter Top Basins

Looking to take your bathroom to the next level? If yes, take a look at our range of square countertop basins.

In a compact, sophisticated and elegant embodied design, the square countertop basin evokes a neat and minimalistic appeal.

Designed to be paired with beautifully polished chrome angular taps for a modern look, and to add timeless style without compromising on space.


4.   Designer Counter Top Basins

The crème-de-la-crème. The high society. The ultimate countertop basin.

The designer countertop basin creates a lavish and premium appeal in any styled bathroom. To evoke a luxurious and superstar feel in to your bathroom routine for many years, choose from our beautiful range of designer countertop basins.

With their elegant curves and beautiful silhouettes, the designer countertop basin is bound to instantly invigorate your bathroom interior.

Junction 2 Interiors favour the Bauhaus Alice Countertop Basin. Bauhaus's outstanding design creates a supreme ambience and luxury, boutique style perfect for renovating or replacing an old model. Its 15-Year Guarantee ensures maximum durability and robustness for many years.

Vanity Units for Countertop Basins

Are you sold on the idea of countertop basins but unsure how to achieve a seamless design? Take a look at our extensive range of vanity units ideal for the countertop basin of your dreams.

We have a vanity unit in a range of colours and finishes, either wall mounted and freestanding and in 800mm or 600mm. Whatever your bathroom requires, we have the solution.

Vanity units create great benefits including – generous storage space, a stylish and modern format, and minimalized stress when it comes to installing the basin yourself. 
Countertop basins really do elevate your bathroom interior. Whether its mounted on a surface or onto a vanity unit it is bound to create a head turning, focal point. If you have any more questions or would like to find out more information, please feel free to call us today on 0151 543 4474. Alternatively, pop into our showroom for a thorough insight into our range of countertop basins, we’re open Monday to Saturday 9-6 and Sunday 10.30-4.  

Published on Wednesday, 14th March 3:36pm
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