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Thinking About an Electric Wash and Dry Toilet? 7 Things You Should Know

Thinking About an Electric Wash and Dry Toilet? 7 Things You Should Know


The standard American toilet is what most people in the United States have grown to know and use. Whatever pitfalls it may have, the toilet as we know it is just what is considered normal. 

Many of us have heard whispers from foreign lands about lavish toilets that actually help you to clean yourself instead of wiping. While the rumors circulate, you'd be hard-pressed to find a lot of people who have used them.

Wash and dry toilets, or bidets as they're often referred to, don't have to be separated from American life. They're really useful and arguably better toilets than the ones we have here. 

We're going to give you a few pieces of advice about wash and dry toilets, hopefully giving you a better idea of what they are and how you can incorporate one into your life. 

Wash and Dry Toilets: What You Need to Know 

Some of these points will be instructional for use and others will be more for entertainment. It's good to have a well-rounded understanding of something like a bidet before you look into buying one.

The most important distinction between wash and dry toilets and normal American ones is that wash and dry toilets use streams of water to serve as toilet paper. We'll get into more specifics in the article. 

Let's get started:

1. They're More Hygienic

Wash and dry toilets are a more hygienic alternative to traditional American toilets. Because water is used to clean your genitals after using the bathroom, you're not forced to use any toilet tissue to wipe.

One the one hand, you aren't bringing potential bacteria from the toilet tissue to your privates. On the other, you don't bring bacteria from feces and urine out on your hands. 

Further, you will reduce your risk of urinary tract infection. You would be surprised at how many bacteria even "clean" home bathrooms are host to.

2. There are Multiple Forms

There are two primary forms of wash and dry toilets. If you travel to Europe or South America, you'll likely experience both. One form provides a wash basin for you to use to clean yourself with. 

Other forms incorporate a stream that comes out of the toilet itself and cleans for you. 

3. You Must Make Adjustments

Just like with everything, everyone's a little different. There's no one setting you can put a bidet on to clean everyone perfectly. 

The main difficulty (and fear for Americans) with the wash and dry toilet is that it will squirt water out and drench them. It's not all that scary, and with a slight adjustment or two, you'll find the perfect setting for you specifically. 

Higher-end models have electronic settings that can adjust to whoever is sitting on the toilet. These are typically only located in the household, where people will regularly use one toilet.

4. Wash and Dry's Can Help Those with Disabilities

People with physical disabilities and arthritis will experience great advantages from a wash and dry toilets. Having one might prevent them from needing physical assistance while using the bathroom. 

There are various models to accommodate different users as well, so be sure to stay on the lookout for ones that fit well with your physical requirements.

5. You'll Be Helping the Environment

Most scientific accounts tell us that humans need to be more environmentally conscious or we won't be able to slow down climate change. Anything we can do to use fewer products that affect the environment is positive. 

Bidets don't require you to use any tissue paper, which can really add up over time. Additionally, you won't have to keep buying toilet paper! Imagine all of the roommate frustrations that would put an end to.

6. There are Many Customizations

By themselves, bidets could be yours at just 600-800 dollars. You'll also have to consider the costs of installation and any plumbing work that would be involved in adding a toilet to your home. 

At the same time, it might be wiser to spend a little more on the front end and get some high-end features. Things like treated warm water, dryers, things that improve smell, seating options, control options, and more are all available. 

These things will seriously improve the quality of your own experience as well as the value of your bathroom. It may seem like a little much to have sensors on your home toilet, but hands-free options greatly improve on the potential health hazards of standard toilets. 

Another thing to add is that not all bidets require a full-blown installation with plumbing changes. You may need to do some extra work if you want extremely high-tech bidets with sensors and heat control, etc. 

With that said, most of the function of a bidet exists in the seat. There are options out there that only require you to remove your traditional toilet seat and fit an electric bidet right where the seat used to be. 

In those cases, you just need an outlet near your toilet to plug it in after you connect it to your water supply.

7. Toilet Paper is Worse than You Think

Toilet paper contributes to a great deal of deforestation. Americans alone use millions of tons of toilet paper each year. 

America's use of toilet paper contributes heavily to the destruction of the Canadian boreal forest, which constitutes most of the country's land mast. Additionally, it's home to innumerable animal species that are affected.

There are also some-600 indigenous communities that live in close relationship with the forest. We should also mention that luxury toilet papers are treated with bleach and other chemicals that aren't good for human skin. 

Eliminating toilet paper from our lives would be a net-positive without question. 

Looking to Improve Your Bathroom?

Adding a wash and dry toilet to your home's bathroom would greatly improve your own experience, health, and relationship to the environment. 

If you're interested in learning more about improvements to your bathroom or kitchen, contact us for the information you need to get started. 


Published on Wednesday, 8th May 5:16pm
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