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The Ideal Toilet for Smaller Bathrooms or Cloakrooms

The Ideal Toilet for Smaller Bathrooms or Cloakrooms

Are you unsure about what toilet design is the ideal solution for your bathroom?

Do you have concerns about a traditional designed toilet because of a petite bathroom or cloakroom under the stairs?

If yes, then please take a look at this guide, put together to showcase our sleek and stylish toilet ideas bound to elevate floor space and solve your toileting situation.

Dimensions, Dimensions, Dimensions

As obvious as it sounds, it’s extremely important to know what size your bathroom or cloakroom is, to allow you to understand your standard requirements of a toilet!

If your bathroom is generously sized, then this concern isn’t as big on your list. However, for tighter rooms this is a big concern.

Size, really does matter.

On average, the typical cloakroom measures at around 1200 x 1200mm, making your biggest concern providing enough clearance space between the toilet and basin for a clean and tidy appeal. To do this comfortably, we recommend a 760mm clearance between the front and back of your toilet.

Choose the right style for your bathroom needs

To enhance the size of your cloakroom or bathroom choose from our extensive range of different toilet designs built specially to create the illusion of more floor space.

1.   Wall Mounted Toilets

The wall mounted toilet happens to be the ideal solution for creating ample floor space. Its format conceals the cistern in the wall creating a stylish and spacious addition to any sized room.

A wall mounted design not only creates the illusion of greater floor space but also guarantees you a quick and effective cleaning routine. Ideal for homeowners with little ones running around.


2.   Back to Wall Toilets

Related to the wall mounted toilet, the back-to-wall design requires a floor installation. Perfect for cloakrooms, this particular model can conceal your toilets cistern in two discreet ways. Simply hide its cistern behind a wall unit or stud partition wall for a space creating, genius.

Its securing floor format guarantees you a space-efficient and long-lasting addition to your bathroom or cloakroom.
Choose your disguise and watch your petite room flourish.

3.   Combination Basin and Toilets

Why not combine your basin and your toilet in one, dainty and unique unit?

Here at Junction 2 Interiors we believe that combining your appliances creates greater floor space as well as a stylish and pocket-friendly addition to your cloakroom or bathroom.

This innovative idea not only creates additional space in your bathroom, but it also adds that 3-in-1 value with its optional storage space.

It’s a smart and space efficient solution for your cloakroom or bathroom without breaking the bank.


Enhance your room size – Utilising bathroom accessories

Although your toilet design has a huge impact on your rooms obtainable space, why not try utilising bathroom accessories to achieve the same outcome?

Add a Mirror

Illuminated or not, a wall hung mirror is what you need to create that optical illusion of greater floor space.

Here at Junction 2 Interiors, we utilise every accessory to ensure space efficiency. By, simply adding a large scaled mirror across a substantial part of your wall opens a room up and adds heaps of capacity.

Keep it Neutral

If you want to create the illusion of more space, then opt for easy going tonal greys or off whites.

There’s something about an off-white room that enhances a rooms layout in both size and style. Could it be its revitalising properties? Or simply its ability to reinvent your room?

Maybe, plain and simple doesn’t scream you?! No worries, add wallpaper or pop of colour to one wall and watch your space enhance.  

At Junction 2 Interiors we pride ourselves on providing, you, the customer, a thorough insight into creating your ideal bathroom layout. For more information and for any questions you might have please do not hesitate to give us a call today on 0121 543 4474. For further details pop in to our show room a visit, we’re open Monday to Saturday 9-6 and Sunday 10.30-4.

Published on Wednesday, 14th March 3:13pm
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