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Find Luxury Showering at Junction 2 Interiors in 2018  The Insignia Range

Find Luxury Showering at Junction 2 Interiors in 2018 The Insignia Range

In our lifetime, we spend an average of around 3 years in the shower.  That’s a pretty long time. Enough time to earn a university degree, enough time for a company to go from scratch to 10 million turnover, and enough time, allegedly, to truly know someone inside out.
So since you’re in your shower for such a long time, is it not better to have and enjoy the best experience possible? Shower Innovators Insignia certainly think so.

Insignia Showers – A Cut above the Rest

Within the last 20 years technology has made light-years of advancement. We only have to look at the evolution of everyday products such as the television to appreciate such developments.

In the late 90’s, the tangible size of a television was much larger than it is today, but on average, the screen sizes of these televisions were much smaller.
Nowadays, the barbarically large televisions that were once silver, cumbersome and poor in quality have been replaced by sleeker high definition flat screens that do just as much for your living room’s aesthetics as they do for its entertainment.

Despite the accelerated evolution of technology in the last 2 decades, it seemed the shower industry had slightly lagged behind. It seemed no different in logistics and practicality from the brass made designs of the 50s & 60’s. That was until Insignia came along.

Identifying a gap in the market and then marketing in the gap, Insignia took advantage of a fairly bland shower industry and turned it into something much more interesting and compelling.

Unlike traditional brands in the bathroom industry, Insignia wanted to align today’s technology with the traditional showering experience and do so with flair and style.

The Added Perks of an Insignia Showering System

1.    Variety of Shower Heads

Whether it’s the overhead monsoon rain shower, the multi-functional hand shower or the iconic hydro-massage jets, Insignia showers provide you with an eclectic range of high quality showering solutions to suit your particular tastes. Whether you’re looking for that heavy solid experience or perhaps a lighter more invigorating affair, Insignia allow you to create a shower that’s right for your needs.

2.    Internal Lighting

You create an experience like no other when you use the internal lighting capabilities of the Insignia shower. The brand knows that a shower in the morning is different to a shower in the evening, so you can choose from a range of 7 different coloured lighting tones until you get one that’s just right for you.

3.    Bluetooth Connectivity

Connect your iPhone or Spotify and play the best music possible with Insignia’s range of compelling technology capabilities. Made for the latest and most innovative technology, Insignia showers provide an experience like no other, helping you to get a luxurious experience, every time.

4.    Aromatherapy and Steam Shower System

Induce essential oils into your shower using the Aromatherapy steam shower system from Insignia. Whether it’s lavender oils to help you get to sleep or lemon and peppermint oils to wake you up, an Insignia shower system allows to make the most out of your bathroom and showering experience.

Insignia is brand famous for its innovative and unconventional approach to showering. They've successfully set a new benchmark for standard showering requirements as well as implementing the latest technology into each of their models. At Junction 2, we have a wide range of Insignia showers in store and online, call us on 0121 543 4474 for more information, or alternative pop into our showroom open Monday-Saturday 09:00-1800 Sunday 10:00 to 16:30.

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