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Duravit Quality Bathroom Technology Right under Your Nose

Duravit Quality Bathroom Technology Right under Your Nose

Duravit – Quality Bathroom Technology Right under Your Nose.

With over 200 years of history, Duravit is a brand that sets itself apart in terms of both quality and innovative design. The brand, which was originally initiated in Germany in 1817, has been responsible for creating a range of porcelain cast bathroom products that provide both exceptional quality as well as unique design.

But despite the brand’s widening range of products which currently include bath tubs, cabinets and faucets, the brand is perhaps famous for its arguably unappealing design, the urinal.

Duravit dominate the urinal market more than any other brand, and they also have more variations than any other bathroom too. From the quality of their vitreous china right through to their rich variety of shapes and sizes, Duravit urinal are the best the market has to offer.

1. Flushing ​Nozzle

The DuraStyle urinal option with flushing nozzle features a perfect, hygienic full flushing performance while only using low amounts of water. This ultimately creates an incredibly efficient product and helps your bathroom get to the next level.

2. Flushing Rim 

The Architect urinal is available with flushing nozzle as well as with flushing rim. The classic version with flushing rim only uses 3 litres of water for the main flush and 1 litre using the half flush option, saving valuable water and creating an incredibly efficient solution.

3. Waterle​ss Urinal

The integrated hose diaphragm inside the trap-way only opens when urine flows through. It operates automatically and is odour-proof.
Duravit is brand famous for its innovative and unique approach to showering.

They’re a brand that has really pushed forward the standard requirements of showering and they do their best to implement the latest technology into each of their models.

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Published on Thursday, 22nd March 3:11pm
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