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Trendy Toilets: 7 Cool Trends in Bathroom Fixtures

Trendy Toilets: 7 Cool Trends in Bathroom Fixtures


Bathroom. Loo. Wash closet. Toilet. Powder room. There are countless names for that cozy and essential room in any home.

There's one name we don't often think about, though: restroom. Your bathroom should be a place where you can pamper yourself with a long bath, a relaxing shower, or makeover session.

One way to make it all that it can be is with the right bathroom fixtures. Are you having a hard time finding the balance between appearance and usefulness? Try these top trends.

Trends in Bathroom Fixtures

Whether your bathroom is a sprawling spa or a cozy haven, your fixtures will make or break the room. Get with the times by considering these trendy options.

1. Floating Vanities

Is there a harder-working item in your entire bathroom than your vanity? It offers storage, a surface for anything you might need, and the sink you use so many times each day.

To get the most you can from this workhorse, you need to choose your vanity with style in mind too. That's why more and more homeowners are opting for floating vanities.

A floating vanity attaches to the wall, but it doesn't have legs that extend to the floor. In other words, there is a gap of open space underneath. These are especially popular in modern bathrooms that are aiming for a minimalist look. 


Some homeowners worry that a floating vanity will offer less storage space than one that extends to the ground. While that is true, you can always use baskets or other stylish containers as added storage under the vanity.

2. Freestanding Tubs

You may notice that some of the items on this list were old trends that have come back around. Freestanding tubs are among them.

Today's styles extend beyond the claw foot tubs of old. While antique or recreated clawfoot tubs have their place, modern homeowners love more contemporary looks. These tubs tend to be sleek, minimalist soakers.

There are practical advantages of having a freestanding tub too. For one, you have more freedom in where you choose to install it. Some homeowners are even installing tubs away from the wall with the pipes coming down from the ceiling.

3. Touch Faucets

Technology has made so many aspects of life easier, and that includes the bathroom. Today's homeowners are head over heels for the trend of touch faucets or sensor faucets.

These unique spouts turn on and off with a touch of the spout. They offer a sleek, modern look because they often have just one discreet tap.

Touch spouts are especially popular for families. Any time a child needs to wash their hands, they can keep the grime off the faucet by touching it with their elbow. These spouts are easier for kids to use too because they don't need to turn any taps.

4. Dual Flush Toilets

We all want a more eco-friendly bathroom. As it turns out, you can help the planet while also bringing your bathroom into the 21st century.

One way to do that is with a dual flush toilet. As its name suggests, a dual flush toilet has two types of flushes.

One flush is water-conserving and eco-friendly. The other is stronger, more like a standard toilet flush.

A dual flush toilet is the best of both worlds. When possible, you can be eco-friendly and conserve water and energy. When that isn't possible, you aren't stuck flushing a low-flow toilet seven times in a row.

5. Bidets

While they're a fixture in many parts of Europe, bidets haven't been as popular in the UK in the past. In the past few years, that's been changing.

As our world becomes a more diverse blend of cultures, more people in the UK are trying out bidets and loving them.

Bidets come in a wide range of choices. Many of them are electric, and this allows them to offer more high-tech options and settings.

The best news is that you can find a bidet for any budget. There are simple models for modest homes as well as extreme luxury models that are one step shy of making a sandwich for you.

6. Vessel Sinks

Your vanity is one of the most noticeable parts of your bathroom design. You need to make it count.

One beautiful trend to try is a vessel sink. A vessel sink is above the top of your vanity, not set into it. In fact, it looks like a giant bowl sitting on your vanity.

Vessel sinks are especially common in bathrooms with a modern aesthetic. These homeowners tend to opt for sleek white vessel sinks, whether round or square.

If you prefer a more traditional or rustic style, though, there are plenty of vessel sinks that cater to this look.

7. Wall-Mounted Toilets

Too many homeowners say, "A toilet is a toilet. They all look the same." The truth is that your toilet can be a design accent if you play your cards right.

One way to make your toilet stand out is with a wall-mounted toilet, also called a floating toilet. Much like a floating vanity these toilets are mounted to the wall and seem to float above the ground.

The added open space makes these toilets look contemporary and stylish. If you want a minimalist look in your bathroom, this is a must.

Want to take advantage of that trend toward bidets, too? No problem. There are wall-mounted bidets to fit your style too.

Designing Your Personal Space

A bathroom is one of those few places you can go for some solitary peace and quiet. It's where you can indulge yourself in a bubble bath or give yourself a look that makes you feel confident.

It's also an essential part of your home's look.

The trend bathroom fixtures above cater to both the functionality and the appearance of your bathroom. They can allow you to turn that space into the relaxing haven it was meant to be.

To start shopping for your dream fixtures today, shop our bathroom items online.


Published on Wednesday, 8th May 4:56pm
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