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Keeping Your Bathtub Clean

Keeping Your Bathtub Clean

How to keep your bathtub looking as good as new using natural cleaning products with household goods.

Baths are susceptible to more bacteria than you would think, with an average 119,469 bacteria particles per square inch residing at the bottom of your tub. We get it -- it’s a chore, and we often find it difficult to spare half a day to give our bathrooms that much needed spring clean that we’ve been promising it for the past two weeks or so, but when it is so simple to keep our bathrooms looking spotless without that twice monthly deep clean, we can only wonder just why exactly we aren’t following the below steps to keep our bathtubs looking as good as new.

Wipe down your bathtub after each use
 Giving your bathtub a quick wipedown after use helps to remove any remaining water and soap scum from the surface. Doing so will help to eliminate stains before they are given the chance to form, saving you both time and effort in the future. You can do this with either a damp cloth, or with specialist bathroom wet wipes (available in most supermarkets and retail stores). Two minutes of your time now will save you twenty minutes later - it’s a no brainer!

Ditch the cleaning products 
With so many savvy trends on the market these days, it’s hard to decipher the best cleaning products for your bathroom. We like to replace these chemical ridden products for more natural solutions where possible. By cutting a grapefruit in half and adding salt to the flesh, you are creating a natural exfoliator for the bath that both eliminates stains and gently scrubs away any imperfections. Use the other non-salted half of the grapefruit for your taps and hardware, or even a lemon. For shower screens, we recommend a white vinegar and water solution that helps to counteract limescale.

Keep on-top of small fixes 
Whether it’s a cracked sealant or a limescale infected showerhead, it’s important to address these issues when they are found to avoid future -- and more significant -- problems. Keeping with the trend of using natural remedies to counteract dirt and grime, using half a lemon to clean bathroom hardware such as your taps and plugholes is a great way to abolish mould and limescale. White vinegar can also be used to tackle a persistent build up -- rub the vinegar solution over your problem areas, leave overnight and wipe clean in the morning.

And there you have it; three super easy and natural tips to keep your bath looking as good as new using only natural cleaning products. Of course, if you have bleaches and sprays laying around then there is no harm in using these products, but for an easy and natural fix get rummaging through your fruit bowl!

Published on Thursday, 4th February 2:12pm
category:  Bath Tubs
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