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How to Buy a Bath: Your Guide to Choosing a Tremendous Tub

How to Buy a Bath: Your Guide to Choosing a Tremendous Tub

How to Buy a Bath: Your Guide to Choosing a Tremendous Tub

There's nothing more relaxing than a long soak in a good bath. We take a look at how to choose your ideal tub with this guide to how to buy a bath.

Imagine yourself soaking in a luxurious tub after a long day of work. The warm water soothes you as the stress from your day slowly dissipates. You feel pure bliss.

Sounds magical, right?

It would be magical, but you don’t have a bathtub! Or you do have a bathtub, but it’s extremely uncomfortable and not relaxing in any way. If that’s the case, it’s time for you to invest in a new bathtub!

Buying a new bath can be very exciting but also really stressful. There are so many options and factors to consider. It can be very overwhelming for the average person to figure out just what they want or need for a new bathtub.

However, there is no need to worry. Below is a guide on how to buy a bath. Follow the directions below and you will be soaking in your new tremendous tub in time at all!

Do Your Homework

Before you begin your journey of becoming a new bath owner, you need to first figure out some basics. Take a look at your current bathroom situation and determine your space and location for the new bathtub.

There are certain restrictions and factors you’ll have to take into account – such as the location of drains and the size of your room. Take measurements of your bathroom to have handy when you begin searching for specific bathtubs.

You’ll also need to determine your budget. Bathtubs and accessories can vary depending on their features so it’s important to have an idea of how much you want to spend.

Types Of Bath

Now that you’ve done your homework, it’s now time to figure out what type of bath you want. There are many different options to choose from.

Freestanding Bath

The freestanding tub is one that stands alone and is considered a focal point of the bathroom. Duvarit’s Cape Code bathtub is a great example of a freestanding tub. The Cape Cod is especially luxurious with a headrest incorporated on the side of the tub.

Corner Bath

The corner tub is unique in that it typically is placed in a corner of a room with two of its sides sitting against two walls. This type of tub is growing in popularity in Europe as it’s great for small bathrooms. It's a perfect solution for those that want a bathtub but do not have the space for a standard sized one.

Alcove Bath

The alcove tub is the most common type of bathtub with three sides of the tub surrounded by the bathroom walls. The 4th exposed side is finished. The waste and tap are typically on the right or left side. While this bathtub is the most common, it’s not usually the most luxurious.


Want both a tub and a shower but don’t have space for 2 separate units? The combo shower-bathtub is the great 2-in-1 solution. This is a popular choice for those that want both options but simply don’t have the space.

These shower-baths are commonly installed against a wall with a shower screen on the other side. Some great options for shower slides with the Matki brand for shower slides can be found here.

Bath Materials

Now that you’ve figured out what type of tub you want, the next step is determining what type of materials you want your bathtub to be made out of. There are plenty of options to choose from with benefits for each one. See below to see which of the following will be the best bathtub material for you.

Acrylic or Fiberglass

Acrylic and Fiberglass are the two most popular and affordable options. They are lightweight which makes for an easy install, and they are relatively easy to clean. Their main downside is that they’re not as durable as many of the other options.

Cast Iron

This is a very durable and stylish option for those that are afraid of chipping or damaging their tub. Its main con is that it’s very heavy, making second floor installs a tad more difficult.


Compared to cast iron, steel is a lighter option (but heavier than acrylic or fibreglass). It is more durable compared to acrylic but more likely to chip than cast iron.


Copper is an aesthetically pleasing option that is highly durable and easy to clean. It is a popular choice for design reasons; however, that comes at a cost. This is one of the more expensive bathtub materials.

Bathtub Features

You’ve picked out your tub and its materials. Now you must decide what add-on features and accessories are necessary to give you the bathing experience of your dreams!


The type or location of your tap will be dependent on the bathtub you selected. Some have options for taps on one end while some can be placed in the middle of the tub. Once you’ve determined the location of the tap, you can then browse the limitless options of taps based on your style preferences.


If you’re interested in hydrotherapy to soothe your sore muscles, whirlpool bath may be the best bath for you. With jets placed strategically throughout the tub, this bathtub makes you feel like you’re at a luxurious spa as opposed to home. The brand Duvarit has many Whirlpool bath options including the Luv series. The Luv series combines stylish design with functionality.

Other Accessories & Fixtures

For a bathroom remodel, there are many other accessories to consider from lighting to speakers to grab rails. Installing speakers and dimmable lights can provide you with the perfect atmosphere when taking a bath. Other practical accessories such as grab rails and robe hooks are something to consider as you shop.

Time To Buy A Bath

You’ve done your research, and now it’s time to go buy a bath! It is important to take into consideration many factors as well as your own personal preferences when shopping. Please contact us if you need any assistance with this journey!

Enjoy soaking in your new tub!


Published on Monday, 8th April 3:17pm
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Best Bathtub Brands for Solitary Soakers

Best Bathtub Brands for Solitary Soakers

5 Best Bathtub Brands for Solitary Soakers

5 Best Bathtub Brands for Solitary Soakers

Many people find peace and serenity in the bathroom and these bathtub brands know how to maximize those moments. Check out our choices for the best tub brands.


Every time you walk into a new bathroom, what’s the first thing that stands out? Which item makes or breaks how the rest of the room feels?

More often than not, the defining factor of luxury is the bathtub.

The tub is where we relax, get a hold of ourselves and enjoy silence by our lonesome. There’s nothing better to be alone with our thoughts while we’re soaking.

After all, bathing helps with your mood, corrects skin conditions, and even helps with sleep. This makes the entire activity crucial to our health and hygiene.

In the battle to make your bath feel better, bathtub brands are fighting for the top spot.

Are you looking for the top-rated bathtubs for your home? Here are the five best bathtub manufacturers that you’d want to use.

Are you ready? Here they are.

1. Adamsez

Whenever we talk about luxury, Adamsez will always be one of the top-rated bathtubs available for you. This brand pioneers many innovations not only in bath aesthetics but in both sustainability and hygiene as well.

What we love about Adamsez is their prestige. The company has been around since 1885 and initially sold art deco products. After their shift to focus on baths, they endured through the decades and are now one of the few remaining manufacturers still operating in the UK instead of outsourcing manual work abroad.

This guarantees the highest level of quality. When you buy an Adamsez bath, you know it was made by experts using only the best equipment and designs in Europe.

Adamsez products also carry superior construction and precision. Touch the body of their bathtubs, like the Eclipse Advance Freestanding Bath, and feel the excellent design at every corner. This is what makes them one of the best bathtub brands in the world.

2. Heritage

When it comes to baths, Heritage understands that this is the centrepiece of any bathroom. Their range of solitary soakers is what makes them market leaders.

Their best offers are the cast iron designs, which are smooth and ripple-free. This makes their products have the best quality finish you can find in the best bathtub brands.

What we love about Heritage is their rigid and robust construction. Their acrylic baths are stain and scuff resistant. This makes them something you can enjoy for years upon years. The designs are also sleek, looking straight out of royal homes.

If you’re running after aesthetics before anything else, their styles are some of the best that bathtub manufacturers can offer. These styles make the bathroom pop with glamorous lustre finishes with their copper, steel or gold styles.

Whether you want a fitted tub or a freestander, Heritage is a great choice. It’s classic style and beauty at its finest.

3. Duravit

When we talk about Duravit as one of the best bathtub brands, it reminds us of luxury and quality. Their designs are easy and simple and solve all the things people take issue with when it comes to baths.

Duravit’s style is, first, simplistic. They don’t adorn their tubs with extreme fancy, but a rather good ergonomics that assure you of comfort. Their modern designs are to die for, and they’re sustainable as well.

Sustainability means you’re not contributing to problems in the world by bathing. You get price lines and a warm feeling that gets the bad stuff out of your head.

Luxurious detail and durable construction are what make Duravit one of the best. You can even add special technology if you need that extra luxury and relaxation. From water massages to bubble baths, this is the brand you want for your home.

There’s never an awkward design with Duravit. With the extra relaxation it gives, you get the peace of mind you deserve.

4. Burlington

Sometimes, designs don’t have to be cutting edge. Most of the time, bathtub manufacturers stay with the classic look because it works. That’s how Burlington is.

Burlington is classical and traditional when it comes to their bathtubs. People know this brand for its retro look, and it works for many homes in the UK. Almost 8 times out of 10, people don’t want tubs that look too luxurious.

You want a design that fits your lifestyle. Burlington is one of the best bathtub brands because they have something modern to offer. They’re there because they perfected their craft.

This brand is for those who want a design that they’re sure will work. Burlington is there to make sure they offer you what works great for your home.

5. Clearwater

Clearwater Baths is one of the biggest bathtub manufacturers for freestanding tubs, and they didn’t become a big brand for a show. From modern bathtub styles to classical, they are an excellent option for any UK home.

There’s a specific variation to Clearwater’s designs that elevate their tubs. Their styles go from the traditional basin style to the modern lines of their Clearstone and natural stone cuts. This is great when you’re trying to update your tubs.

What we enjoy about Clearwater is the right balance they have between luxury and ergonomics. Their styles will fit any bathroom that you may have, with excellent ergonomics that follow a good sense of comfort.

Among our top-rated bathtubs, their definition of comfort is one of the best out there.

Picking The Bathtub Brands For Your Needs

When talking about the best bathtub brands, it’s not all about the luxury. You want to match your bathtub to suit your needs. You want something that can help you relax while you’re soaking in there.

Pick the bathtub brands that give you the best chance to relax and be happy. Pick one that gives you a chance to make the best out of your solitary soaking.

If you’re looking to get the top-rated bathtubs for your right price, come to us at Junction 2 Interiors.

Talk to us and get the bathroom of your dreams. Bathe in style and luxury, only here at Junction 2 Interiors.


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