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5 Unusual Toothpaste Flavours

5 Unusual Toothpaste Flavours

It's amazing how many toothpaste flavours there are that aren't spearmint, cool mint, or mint mint. We highlight our top 5 unusual alternatives.

Surprisingly, mint isn’t the only flavour on the toothpaste menu. Aside from the other few common flavours we have came to know and love as children -- bubblegum, strawberry, and fruity berry flavours -- it is unusual for us to find anything other than spearmints and cool mints on the shelves. After a long and good look around the internet, we have managed to find a vast array of flavours that can be used as alternatives to mint, even if some of them sound a little strange.

1) Scotch Flavoured Toothpaste
We’re not entirely sure that having permanent Whiskey smelling breath is a good idea, especially not if you have to work a desk job. Still, at around £4 a tube, Jiggins’ Whiskey toothpaste holds a concentration of around 3% Whiskey. Perfect for boozy brunches and Christmas novelties, though perhaps not suitable for much more.

2) Pickle Flavoured Toothpaste
Sadly discontinued, pickle flavoured toothpaste was available on the market until around two years ago. Either loving or hating this product, we suggest you reach for an alternative if about to embark on a first date. Perhaps sticking to the regular mint flavoured toothpastes wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

3) Bacon Flavoured Toothpaste
Quite a popular choice is the bacon flavoured toothpaste - at almost £7 a tube, we consider this product to be a novelty. For others, bacon breath is a lifestyle and the hefty price tag is merely an investment being made. Seemingly, this meaty toothpaste is a product aimed at the more masculine of us, because what’s more manly than a bacon sandwich? Exactly.

4) Pumpkin Flavoured Toothpaste
Is this pumpkin flavoured toothpaste by Breath Palette a trick or a treat? The Japanese manufacturer's of this ghoulish toothpaste don’t just stop there! Yoghurt, honey and banana flavoured toothpastes are also produced under the same brand and are a popular choice for folks over the pond.

5) Cinnamon Flavoured Toothpaste
A popular alternative to mint flavoured toothpastes is cinnamon, especially in the USA. Although seemingly a little odd to all of us mint-grabbing consumers, some cannot stand a minty fresh breath and would rather reach for something a little more autumnal.

Published on Thursday, 4th February 2:21pm
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